Vizio TV Broadcasting As An Unsecured WiFi Hotspot: 7 Fixes

vizio tv broadcasting as an unsecured wifi hotspot
vizio tv broadcasting as an unsecured wifi hotspot

It’s needless to say that Vizio TVs have become the talk of the town, and it’s for a good reason. We are saying this because these Vizio TVs are loaded with advanced technologies that spruce up the streaming experience. However, Vizio TV broadcasting as an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot can hinder connectivity and streaming. So, for you, we have the proven fixes in this article!

Vizio TV Broadcasting As An Unsecured WiFi Hotspot

1) Default Settings

In case you recently bought the Vizio TV and set it up, there are chances that you put in some incorrect settings. This is because, during the setup, the users can customize the settings according to their needs but if the settings go wrong, it can result in an error.

That being said, you have to reset the Wi-Fi settings on your TV but it eventually demands a full factory reset (you cannot reset the Wi-Fi settings separately). For this reason, check out the manual and factory reset the TV to ensure it stops working as the unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot.

2) Hardware Issues

If you have already tried the factory reset on your Vizio TV but the problem still stands, you have to dig in deeper and use some tools. In this solution, you must remove the Vizio TV from the wall and take out the back covering. When the back covering is removed, you will see the Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) along with a Bluetooth antenna.

In addition, you will see two grey wires and one black wire and are generally connected to the BT chip from the right side. Consequently, the chip has an antenna which you need to erase off. Once the antenna is erased, the broadcasting issue will be resolved.

3) Tweak The Settings

To begin with, we are talking about the TV settings. This is because the broadcasting issue can be resolved by tweaking some settings and you need to follow the following instructions. For instance, you have to open the network settings and click on the WPS as it creates the automatic Wi-Fi linking.

As a result, the Vizio TV will inspect for signals and connections will be cut out when the signals aren’t accessed. Also, when this connection is broken, the broadcasting as a Wi-Fi hotspot will stop.

4) Reboot

If you are looking for a simple solution, a reboot is our ultimate choice. This is because the reboot can fix up the broadcasting issue in the majority of cases. Also, if the broadcasting issue is recent, it simply means that some settings are messed up and that’s causing the broadcasting issue.

That being said, a reboot can fix the issue and you won’t have any complaints upon restarting. So, rebooting can be done by switching off the Vizio TV for a few minutes and switching it on again (yup, it’s that simple!).

5) Recent Applications

If you have installed a new app on the Vizio Smart TV that needs a Wi-Fi connection. We are saying this because those recent apps might be the culprit behind the connectivity errors. This is because some apps have the capacity to change the security protocols of a wireless connection. So, if you’ve installed an app recently, delete the app and it will clear up the access to streamlined wireless settings. We are pretty sure that deleting the recent app will fix up the broadcasting issue.

6) Network Security Settings

Another solution is to check out the network security settings. This is because there are multiple network protocols that can be selected from and implement encryption for hotspot communication. For this reason, it’s best that you choose either WPA2 or WEP from the security protocols and set the password. That’s because setting up the password will ensure a secure connection.

7) Firmware

If the broadcasting error is still there, there are chances that firmware might be bugged which is causing the security issues with hotspot broadcasting. In that case, you must connect Vizio TV with the internet and update the software. These software and firmware updates are regularly launched by Vizio and can fix up the broadcasting issue. Even if you don’t have an issue, updating the firmware regularly promises seamless entertainment and secure connections.

To summarize, these are the general solutions but the issue still exists, simply call Vizio customer support and they will provide guidance.

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