Linksys WUSB6300 Not Detected: 5 Ways To Fix

linksys wusb6300 not detected
linksys wusb6300 not detected

For everyone in need of a wireless connection, they tend to opt for wireless USB-C adapters. This is because they help connect different devices without additional wires. For this purpose, Linksys WUSB6300 is extensively used. However, some users are struggling with Linksys WUSB6300 not detected error that puts the internet connectivity to a halt. So, let’s see how we can fix this issue!

Linksys WUSB6300 Not Detected

1) Wireless Radio

While using the wireless adapter on Windows, you need to ensure that the wireless radio is working properly. That’s to say because sometimes, the wireless radio gets disabled by accident since there are soft buttons. So, we suggest that you enable the wireless radio from the BIOS setup. You will need to enter the BIOS setup during the computer reboot.

Once the BIOS page opens up, look for the network settings page, and enable the wireless radio from the available options. Also, don’t forget to hit the save button. If there is a confirmation message, tap on the confirm button. As a result, the adapter will be detected by the computer.

2) Update

To begin with, we are talking about the wireless adapter driver update. This is because it tends to fix the detection issues with the wireless adapter. Be it the incompatibility, missed driver, corrupt, or dated driver issue, the wireless adapter will not be detected. The users are advised to update the wireless adapter update. You can use the automatic driver software as they will scan for the driver update. Once the update is installed, the adapter will be detected. Also, in the end, you should restart the computer.

Along with the driver update, you need to work on the firmware as well. The firmware must be updated for the router as well as the adapter. Firmware is responsible for optimizing the adapter optimization with the operating system. Similarly, if there is a dated firmware, it restricts internet connections. So, just download the firmware update, and don’t forget to install it on the computer. Also, do install download and install the firmware update on the router.

4) Winsock

This is for Windows users because it’s the supporting program, specially designed for Windows computers. Similarly, if the Winsock data is corrupted or wrong, the access to the networks will be impacted, and the adapter might not be detected either. Subsequently, it’s advised to reset the Winsock data because it will delete the corrupt or incorrect data. As a result, the connectivity and adapter issues will be resolved, along with the adapter detection issues.

5) System Restore

In case you recently put the computer or laptop to sleep mode, and now it cannot detect the WUSB6300, you will need to restore the system. For this purpose, open the system restore through the search button and choose the restore point. Then, confirm the restore point (it might take some time to complete).

Truth be told, these troubleshooting methods are highly likely to resolve the WUSB6300 detection issues. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue, we are suspecting the hardware issues. If that’s the case, just get the switch replaced by Linksys!

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