Linksys EA7500 Blinking: 5 Ways To Fix

linksys ea7500 blinking
linksys ea7500 blinking

For everyone in need of a seamless internet connection, having the top of a line router is essential, and one cannot possibly go wrong with Linksys. Linksys has a wide range of routers available, but Linksys EA7500 router has become the most preferred choice.

On the contrary, some users are complaining about Linksys EA7500 blinking issue. For this purpose, we have outlined the quick fixes below!

Fix Linksys EA7500 Blinking

1) Power Cycling

The troubleshooting methods can be pretty complicated, so it’s better that you start off from the basic technique, aka power cycling. Power cycling is the easiest yet the most efficient method out there and is highly likely to resolve the issue. For power cycling, the router, take out the power cord from the routers and plug it back in after 30 seconds. In some cases, it’s suggested to remove the ethernet and internet cable along with the power cable for a better outcome.

2) Static IP On The Device

In case power cycling didn’t fix the blinking issue and connectivity limitations, you need to assign the static IP to the computer or laptop. This is because Linksys routers have the reputation of losing the IP addresses on the computer or laptop that it’s connected to. You can find the instructions on the Linksys official website for setting the static IP.

In some cases, the computer connects to the ISP modem when there is public IP address set. So, you need to change that as well; make sure your device is connected to the router (directly).

3) Ping

The users are usually afraid of the ping tests, but it can help trace the data and information communication between the router and computer. As a result, the computer will send the data packets to the router, and the router will reply for the purpose of connection validation. So, when you ping the Linksys router, it will help validate the connection, resulting in a zero blinking issue.

4) Reset

If these low-term troubleshooting methods don’t work, resetting the Linksys router is highly likely to resolve the issue. For this purpose, look for the reset button on the router and press it down with the paperclip for thirty seconds. When the router resets, remove the power cord for around ten seconds, and it helps fix the issue. Keep in mind that you will need to reconfigure the settings since reset pushes back the default settings.

5) Firmware

In case you are still unable to resolve the issue, you need to update the firmware. You will need to download the firmware from the Linksys website and download the firmware for the smart router. Then, log in to the server account and tap on connectivity. Now, scroll down to the firmware update and tap on the “choose file” option.

Choose the firmware file that you had downloaded and hit the start button. This will open the new pop-up box, and you need to click yes. As a result, the firmware will be updated. In addition, while the firmware is being downloaded, do not switch off the window or router. This is because switching off the router will fail the router firmware update.

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