Linksys SE1500 Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

linksys se1500 not working
linksys se1500 not working

For everyone who tends to use different devices at a time, such as printers, consoles, and computers, an ethernet switch is an apt option for them. That’s to say because the ethernet switch connects different devices and transforms into the central station. Likewise, Linksys has come out with Linksys SE1500, but users are complaining about Linksys SE1500 not working issue. For this purpose, we are sharing the easy fixes to get the ethernet switch up and running!

Linksys SE1500 Not Working

1) Cables

When it comes down to using the ethernet switch, it will not work as long as you aren’t using the correct cables. For instance, SE1500 is only compatible with CAT5E, CAT5, and CAT6 ethernet cables. For this reason, if you are using any other cable, the switch isn’t going to function. In addition, always buy these cables from the reputed brand name, so you will get unhindered functionality and performance. In addition to the suitable cables, you need to understand that all the cables must be properly connected.

2) Devices

Sure, the primary function of an Ethernet switch is to connect different devices at once. However, SE1500 will not work if the connected devices are beyond the count of five. In simpler words, the SE1500 switch has the capacity to connect five ethernet-based devices at one time. These devices can include printers, computers, and gaming devices. On the contrary, if you need to add more devices, you will need to cascade one more switch as it helps expand the network (and more than five device connections).

3) IP Address

If reducing the device count didn’t work, there are chances that the devices aren’t connected to Linksys SE1500 with the correct IP address. For instance, you need to ensure that all the devices connected to the switch with the identical IP address. You will need to check the IP address of each device; if the IP address is different, you will need to update the IP address. In addition to this, make sure that your computer and other devices are pinging the router by the same IP address.

4) Ping

For optimal functionality and optimal device connection with Linksys SE1500, you need to ensure the correct pings. To summarize, the main computer device must ping the IP address as This ping ensures the optimal performance of the ethernet switch.

5) DNS Cache

One might think that DNS doesn’t matter when it comes down to the ethernet switch, but it’s not true. We are saying this because you need to delete the DNS cache from the devices to ensure the ethernet switch works optimally. For deleting the DNS cache, you can open the command box and write down “ipconfig/flushdns” in the available field. As a result, the DNS cache will be flushed from the system, promising better ethernet switch functionality.

6) Cable Length

In some cases, the ethernet switch doesn’t work if the ethernet cable is too long. If that’s the case, you need to remove the switch and install it to the other end. Also, replace the long cable with the smaller one and test the ethernet switch. We are pretty sure that it will reduce the signal interruption and promise better performance.

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