3 Ways To Use Jackbox On ROKU TV

jackbox on roku
jackbox on roku

ROKU TV has taken over 25% of the market for Smart TVs according to a survey and you can find them almost everywhere around you. Due to their tons of features, feasibility, and excellent support services you will simply be hooked with ROKU TV once you start using them and there is no going back to your traditional Smart TVs after that. Despite all these factors, ROKU TV still offers phenomenal prices along with some cool gadgets and accessories including speakers and streaming devices that you can use. That is why you will be seeing Roku TV everywhere.

Now, if you are wondering that you want to use Jackbox on your ROKU TV, it is better that you understand what these are before you proceed.


Jackbox offers a wide variety of multiplayer games that you can play with your friends and family. No matter how large the size of your group might be, you can easily play these games. There are tons of games that you can find on Jackbox that suite your needs, and group size. These are generally small-sized games intended on having fun together and not for extreme gaming experience for those who are hardcore gamers.

Jackbox games are endorsed and liked for tons of reasons as you can also get some cool homeschooling and education-based games on the platform as well. Jackbox offers compatibility with tons of platforms including Steam, PS, Xbox, Nintendo, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV< Epic Games, Android TV, App Store, and more. You can simply get the right application for your platform, pay for the subscription fee, and start enjoying your favorite games with your friends and family remotely.

Jackbox on ROKU

Despite the Jackbox being supported by multiple platforms, the ROKU TV still does not support Jackbox and that is an unfortunate thing if you want to enjoy those games on your ROKU TV. So far, there is no way for you to play Jackbox on your ROKU TV or streaming device on the default firmware as the application is not supported on them.

However, if you own a ROKU TV or streaming device and still want to make it work for your gaming experience, there are some ways that you can use to find a workaround and be able to play Jackbox on your ROKU TV.

1. Using a Chromecast

You might have not noticed but ROKU TV comes pre-loaded with an HDMI port that you can use to connect other devices with it. All you have to do is simply connect a Chromecast to your ROKU TV and connect it with your android phone to share the screen and play Jackbox games on your mobile and see them on the ROKU TV screen. This is a greatly convenient method for you as you will not be requiring any additional hassle of wires, or setting up the things for you and still being able to play those games on your ROKU TV.

2. Using an HDMI Cable to connect some other platform

If you have a platform such as PC, PS, or XBOX, you can use an HDMI cable to connect it with your ROKU TV and install Jackbox on it. This will allow you to play those games with your favorite controller and keyboard and enjoy a big-screen experience simultaneously without having to worry about it. This is the best way for you to enjoy those games on a big screen if you own a ROKU TV.

3. Get and Android Emulator

If you don’t own a ROKU TV and have a streaming device, or you don’t have any other platform to pair it with you ROKU TV, that can be a bit troublesome. While it is not recommended at all, but there are some possibilities that will allow you to install an Android emulator on your ROKU TV or streaming device or simply install applications from third-party sources on them.

This can make playing Jackbox games on your ROKU TV possible for you, but the process contains some risks and hence we would recommend you not venture this unless you have no other option left.

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