Is Verizon Credit Check Hard Or Soft? (Answered)

is verizon credit check hard or soft
is verizon credit check hard or soft

Are you looking forward to signing up for new Verizon Wireless Services? If so, you should know some important things about Verizon Wireless. This also includes that you will be subjected to submit to a credit check from one of the largest American Mobile Telecommunications Networking Company, Verizon. Now, we know that a common question must be swirling in your mind in a loud voice of your conscience screaming, “Is Verizon Credit hard or soft?” Don’t worry because in this article we’re going to answer this question of yours along with describing some other important details related to this similar exact topic. Stick with us to learn more about your Verizon Wireless Credits.

Verizon Wireless Credits

Verizon Wireless is an internet service providing a subsidiary of none other than the largest telecom network of America, Verizon. When signing up for a certain Verizon plan, it asks you for a credit check submission. Whether you are a beginning new customer to Verizon services or you are here just to add a new much-needed line to your old Verizon services, you’ll have to submit a Verizon Credit Check.

Your deposit can be as high as $1,000 per line, which is a rather common possibility, but this simply means that you might be asked to provide over 3,000 US dollars only to receive a total of three lines of Verizon services! Surprised? just wait till you reach the end.

What Do You Mean By Hard And Soft Credit?

For those of you who are unaware of what is meant by the terms “Hard credit check” and “Soft credit check”, stop stressing yourself. It is okay to feel confused. I was confused too when i learned about credit checks but someone made it very easy for me. Likewise, I’m going to make it easy for you too by explaining these terms in the easiest way possible.

Hard Credit Inquiries

Imagine that you are applying for a credit amount for some reason. It can be a mortgage value or some auto loan that you need to pay or even to get a credit card, the person who’s responsible to lend the credit will inquire your credit’s report with your permission. This report consists of your credit scores obtained from a few of the major credit bureaus. Such inquiries are bound to the actual credit applications, that is why they’re called as hard inquiries. These hard inquiries are capable of affecting your credit scores.

How Hard Inquiries Can Affect Your Credit Scores?

If a large number of hard credit inquiries are made in a rather short time period, it can be a little concerning to the amount lenders. This is because too many hard inquiries can add up to multiple new credit accounts. Opening several new credit accounts may be considered as a means of escape. You might be considered as a suspicious person who’s either having trouble with paying his bills or who is spending a lot of amounts. Both the cases will result in hard credit inquiries affecting your credit scores in a temporary negative way.

Soft Credit Inquiries

As for the soft credit inquiry, whenever you are inquiring about your own credit report or you’re giving your permission to someone else who is a potential employer to review your credit report, it is said to a soft credit check or a soft inquiry. Soft credit inquiries can also be made when in official businesses, significant entities such as amount lenders or various insurance companies, or even the credit card companies check your credit scores just to pre-approve you so that you can avail different kinds of offers that are beneficial for you.

Why Do Soft Inquiries Have No Negative Impact on Your Credit Scores?

Soft credit inquiries don’t affect your credit scores negatively simply because soft inquiries are not tied to some specific user applications related to new credit. In fact such soft inquiries or credit checks are never considered as a factor that affects the credit scoring models. Soft credit inquiries are neither disputable not argue-able but are still available for reference purposes.

Is Verizon Credit Check Hard Or Soft?

Is Verizon credit hard or soft? what’s the catch? Well, Verizon always performs a hard credit check on your credit amount when you sign up for one of their post-paid plans. However, if you select the AllSet pre-paid plan, you will not have to face any credit checks.

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