Is It Safe To Sit Next To A Wireless Router?

Is It Safe To Sit Next To A Wireless Router
Is It Safe To Sit Next To A Wireless Router


In the era of modern technology and advancement, we are benefited by a list of inventions to make our lives easier and comfortable than the past. But all such inventions have not only upgraded our lifestyles but on the other hand, proved to be destructive and harmful as far as our mental and physical health is concerned.

A wireless device is one of the most pivotal modern era inventions. The wireless device plays a vital role in our day to day life. It is the most common mode of communication and accessing internet connection, as it works on the principle of frequency signals and signal-transduction and uses radio frequency signals for communication. Wireless devices are most frequently used in the form of cell phones as they are meant to connect one end of the world to another.

Is It Safe To Sit Next To A Wireless Router?

How Do Wireless Devices Affect Health?

Wireless devices serve as a medium of communication via satellites, transmitters, and modem technologies. It has no cords or cable therefore it can be efficiently used in the provision of convenience, good connections, and greater mobility. Keeping in mind all of the merits we cannot deny the fact that these wireless devices are destroying the health state. Such devices are a big source of a vast variety of diseases to human health.

Wireless devices also emit electromagnetic radiations called Radio Frequency Radiations (RFR) that are categorized as highly ionizing radiations. They possess high energy and the ability to add or remove an electron from an atom and to change the atomic structure, thus can cause DND damage to any living cell. Networking companies use these radiations as they are highly frequent and possess high emerging transmitting property.

Complications caused by Wireless Radiations

Wireless devices emit radiation that can cause severe health issues like a brain tumor, insomnia, Parkinson’s diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), it has been observed that RFR are the carcinogens that do not only cause malignant tumors or brain cancers but also cause DNA chromosomal damage.

1. Brain Diseases:

The RFR penetrates into the brain and changes the DNA structures which ultimately leads to the formation of tumor-causing cells. In addition, when a young child head exposes to these radiations they travel through the skull into deep brain structures and cause severe damage like brain disability. As newborn or infant’s skull structure are highly sensitive that is why they are at the highest risk of mental abnormalities.

2. Infertility:

In the guidance of WHO, a man who keeps mobile phones in pockets can be infertile as pockets are close to the testes, and radiations affect the structure, function, mobility, and DNA chromosomal activity of the sperms. On the exposure to these radiations, the growth and formation of sperms are highly affected. It also causes adverse effects on the male individual thus, increasing the rate of male infertility.

3. Deafness:

It also disrupts the audacity of various individuals. Using a cell phone for longer durations is proven harmful to the function of ears. It has been observed that the use of the right ear is more common than the left one, therefore these highly ionizing radiations damage the internal ear and people suffer deafness for the long term.

As the internal ear is responsible to perceive the sound waves and transmit them to the auditory nerves that are sensitive to hearing ossicles. But the damage of the internal ear leads to the damage of auditory nerves. It is safe to distant yourself from wireless devices as they are proven harmful to human health.

4. Insomnia

Moreover, these electromagnetic radiations also influence the blood pressure, and sleep disturbance are observed among the individuals. The emission of high electromagnetic radiation causes adverse effects on the retina, cornea, and lens of eyes. It also causes insomnia among the users as these radiating waves signal the brain.

They activate most of the receptors which disturb the biological rhythm of the individual. So, people face troubles while sleeping as their brain is active. This also leads to the disturbance in the normal metabolic activity of the individual and they feel tiredness and have mood swings. Therefore, it is advised to switch off the wireless devices or distance yourself from them during sleeping time.

5. Mental Health Hazards

Wireless device not only affects the physical activity of the individual, but it also influences the mental health of the individual. It may cause anxiety and depression including panic attacks and psychotic disorders.

Studies suggest that people, spending unnecessarily long hours on their wireless device, might exhibit socially introvert nature that could potentially lead to personality disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders. Uncontrolled screen time on wireless devices may cause an eating disorder due to bad eating habits.

The increasing use of wireless devices may cause a high dependency on such devices. Failing to access them may cause panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Moreover, keeping these devices at high proximity such as pockets, under pillows, or on a bedside table for a long duration of time can cause radiation overdose as well.

6. Over-Heating Hazards

Keeping devices by your side all the time may also increase body temperatures due to the transfer of heat to the body of users. There have been various reported incidents of devices blasting off due to over-heating and causing significant bodily harm to users. Usually in such scenarios, the li-ion batteries powering these devices explode due to overuse, overcharge or overheat or a combination of reasons.


Be it mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, or Bluetooth devices, our dependence on them is immense but the question arises is it safe to site next to wireless devices? We are in the midst of technological revolution and it is safe to assume that wireless device has not only become a blessing but an absolute necessity.

The answer lies in the fact that numerous technological advances have given rise to wireless technology that has made it nearly-perfectly safe. Thus, it is safe to sit next to a perfectly working device by taking precautionary measures.

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