Compare Fixed Wireless Internet vs DSL

Fixed Wireless Internet vs DSL
Fixed Wireless Internet vs DSL

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. DSL is a telecommunication technology that transmits digital signals or data over telephone cables. It is one of the popular sources that provide internet.

The users are offered a high-speed internet connection over their already existing telephone lines. Digital Subscriber Line has two main classifications i.e. Symmetrical DSL and Asymmetrical DSL. These classifications differ in upload and download speeds.

However, ADSL is the one that gained the most popular amongst its variants.

Fixed Wireless Internet vs DSL:

Advantages of DSL:

1. Internet speed

DSL has the ability to deal with an excessive amount of data at a time if it’s a dedicated connection. When you are using a dedicated DSL connection, users are limited. This means an increase in the efficiency of the network and better internet speed.

2. Better Security

A DSL internet connection provides more security and lessens risks as compared to some other cable internet connections. These other connections are prone to be a victim of cyber-crime hence more vulnerable. In comparison, the DSL connection is more secure and less vulnerable to cyber-crime.

3. No New Infrastructure

Unlike some other internet connections, DSL requires no new infrastructure. You just need to use your traditional telephone connection.  This eliminates the need for any new wiring.

4. Cheap

Digital Subscriber Line is relatively cheaper than most of the internet connections available in the modern IT market. This provides an option for users who cannot afford expensive internet connections.

5. Different Packages

DSL internet connection providers offer a variety of internet packages and deals. These deals differ depending upon the internet speed and fees.

Disadvantages of DSL

1. Distance Affects The Speed

The speed of the DSL internet connection depends on the distance between the DSL connection provider and the user. If there is a great distance between these, it will affect the speed of the internet.

To have a good connection, it is important to assure that there is less distance between the user and the DSL provider.

2. Slow Upload Speed

Uploading speed on DSL internet connection is relatively slower to the downloading speed. So, if you are a user whose work or job is highly dependent on the internet connection, DSL may not be feasible for you.

3. Limited Availability

DSL internet connection has limitations to availability. This connection might not available in remote areas. Or even if it is available, the internet speed may be very slow due to great physical distance between the DSL user and DSL provider.

4. Telephone Connection

If you are not already having a telephone connection, getting DSL may not be a good option for you. First, you have to get a telephone connection. Other to that you need to assure if that telephone company will provide internet service or not.

5. Fixed Wireless Internet

As the name suggests this internet connection does not require lines or cables to access the internet. Internet connection is offered via radio signals. Instead of wires, a signal receiver is installed in your house.

The signal receiver catches the signals from the wireless base station that is nearest to your location. In rural areas, Fixed Wireless Internet is used mostly as compared to DSL.

Advantages of Fixed Wireless Internet

1. Easy To Set Up And Install

Unlike other wired internet connection, fixed wireless internet is easier to install. Typically, a router is installed in the user’s house that receives internet signals. It does not require any cables or lines, unlike other broadband connections.

2. Low Connection Costs

Fixed Wireless Internet is a feasible option if there are a greater number of users or subscribers. The more the number of subscribers, the lesser the connection cost. Infrastructure also remains undisturbed by an increase or decrease in the number of users.

3. High Download Speeds

Unlike Digital Subscriber Line that has slow download speed, Fixed Wireless Internet provides higher download speed.

4. Convenience And Ease

Wired internet connections restrict you to a certain area or place. This is not the case with Fixed Wireless Internet. The user can access the internet anywhere within his primary networking environment.

5. Low Repair Costs

Wired internet connections often result in high repair and maintenance costs, this is mostly due to long telephone lines or cables.  This repair and maintenance cost can be avoided if you are using Fixed Wireless Internet.

6. Fewer Interruptions

Most of the Fixed Wireless Internet connection have a small distance between the internet source and them. This leads to fewer interruptions and delays. This helps to attain a stable connection.

Disadvantages of Fixed Wireless Internet

1. Weather Affects The Internet

The change or variations in weather may affect the Fixed Wireless Internet Connection’s efficiency. Weather conditions like rain, fog, or wind can decrease the usual internet speed.

2. Less Security

Unlike other wired internet connections, this internet connection is vulnerable to cyber-crime. Fixed Wireless Internet connections are relatively less secure than other internet connections. However, you can enhance security by using encryptions, firewalls, etc.

3. Installing Equipment

Having a wireless internet connection does not mean that you do not need any additional devices. Even though you are not required to buy any sort of lines or cables. Still, you need a small dish that will receive internet signals.

4. Can Be Expensive

The fixed wireless connection may not always be the less expensive option. There may be other internet connection options that may result in lesser cost in your case.

5. The Fixed

Fixed Wireless Internet provides access to the internet via air or radio waves, still, it is restricted to your specified house, office, or building. You cannot freely roam around.

DSL or Fixed Wireless? Which one to choose?

There is no straight answer to this question. The answer varies from user to user depending on their needs and goals.

Fixed Wireless Internet can be a better internet option for you if you are looking forward to more stability and reliability in situations when your work and job is highly dependent on internet connection.

However, if you are not highly dependent on the internet and you are already having a telephone connection, it may be best for you to use DSL.

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