How to Set Up DSL with Wireless

Setting up a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) with wireless access is not a complicated operation and can easily be achieved through the installation of a wireless router and a DSL cable modem connection.  If you already have installed a Digital subscriber Line to achieve a high-speed broadband Internet connection, here are a few easy steps to setting up a DSL with wireless connectivity.

Obtain a Wireless Router and Network Adapter

To convert your Digital Subscriber Line into a wireless access connection you must first obtain a wireless router and a wireless network adapter.  You can obtain this equipment at any electronics retailer.  The wireless router will convert the DSL connection into a wireless connection with the help of a network adapter which is installed in your PC.  If your PC is already equipped with WiFi you can skip the use of the network adapter.

Connect the Wireless Router

Here are some basic steps to setting up the wireless router.

  • Connect the DSL Modem to the Wireless Router: The first step is to connect the DSL modem to the wireless router by pulling the network cable out of your PC and reconnecting it to the Internet access port in the wireless router.
  • Configure the Wireless Router: Once you have connected the DSL modem to the wireless router you will need to configure the wireless router by entering the URL address and identification number into the website that is provided for the wireless router.  You will find this information in the manual that is included with the router.  The instructions will walk you through the configuration process step-by-step.
  • Install Network Adapter: If your PC is not equipped with WiFi install the network adapter by connecting it to the USB port on your PC.  Once you connect the adapter your operating system will automatically locate it and then walk you through the configuration process step-by-step.  If your computer has WiFi capability, it will automatically find the wireless connection.
  • Plug in All Devices: Once you have all of the components installed and configured plug in each device one at a time beginning with the DSL modem.  Allow the DSL modem to find the Internet connection and once the signal is identified then plug in the wireless router.  You will see a series of indicator lights when the wireless router has found the connection.  For the final step test your PC to make sure it recognizes the connection to the wireless router.

Once you have established a wireless connection it is a good idea to secure your connection.  You can do this through the website you used to configure the wireless router by following the instructions on how to secure a wireless router.

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