How Is DSL And WiFi Different – Are They Really The Same?

is dsl and wifi the same thing
is dsl and wifi the same thing

There is a 100% possibility of you getting the wireless internet connection with the DSL Internet as long as it is connected to the DSL modem or built-in modem router. therefore, it makes quite clear sense that DSL provides the Wi-Fi (wireless internet connection) whereas Wi-Fi itself cannot provide DSL Internet alone. You must need a DSL router for that. So we assume that this is the main distinction between these two telecommunication technologies. Besides, there are other comprehensive factors that make both the DSL and Wi-Fi different from each other. Undoubtedly, they both are created to provide internet however that doesn’t mean they are the same.

DSL users get connected to the internet using a DSL modem. The data transmission in the DSL modem takes place within the telephone landline which converts the generated signals sent over the copper-telephone cables digitally for your computer usages. Aon the contrary, a wireless router transmits data from your modem directly to enable your Wi-Fi connected devices. At this point, we have initial ideas about the difference between these two technologies.

To have a detailed comparison between these two technologies and better understand why they are not the same, we must have an adequate understanding of both the DSL and the Wi-Fi.

Is DSL And WiFi The Same Thing

What Is DSL?

DSL is a short form for the Digital Subscriber Line which conveys or transmits digital signals within the copper wire of your landline or telephone. DSL is a broadband service that provides the internet via the telephone landline using a DSL modem. This technology provides high-speed internet within distant areas. The accessibility is quite efficient with the DSL.

Downloading and uploading speeds of the DSL can be demonstrated by the quality of the Telephone landline you are choosing, the distance of ISP from your location, and the mode of DSL internet subscription. The speeds vary from 256 kbps to 24 Mbps. DSL is said to be much cost-effective than other internet resources such as satellite-based internet and cellular data.

DSL isn’t available everywhere neither it delivers the same to all of its users. Instead, the users situated nearer to their ISPs have better DSL internet connection as compared to others. However, the accessibility is quite widespread when it comes to interference as compared to a Wi-Fi connection.

What Is Wi-Fi?

Wireless internet connection or Wi-Fi is simply much broader as compared to the DSL Internet. Wi-Fi signals are taken from the router that provides the wireless internet connection to many devices. The wireless router itself takes the internet from the modem which is linked with the specific ISP.

Now let’s see how the DSL and Wi-Fi are different from each other.

How Are DSL And Wi-Fi Different?

1. Actual Internet Connection:

DSL is a whole different technology from Wi-Fi. DSL services are one of the actual and real connection directly to the internet. DSL provides the internet via the telephone landline signals. There is a difference between the frequency of the DSL modem and the range of telephone line for providing the feasible serviceable.

2. Internet Availability:

Being built on the existing telephone landline, DSL is extensively available especially in remote areas where the internet accessibility is poor. DSL helps a lot in such areas. On the other hand, Wi-Fi is a single broadband connection that is established for your location or the business venture place.

3. End To End Connection:

Wi-Fi services provide internet connectivity to the users that are end to end connected as well as over a wireless communication network within a workplace. Thus the delivery of Wi-Fi is done via radio waves whereas DSL transmission takes place by the telephonic waves.

4. Physical And Wireless Connections:

DSL Internet is established by the proper wiring and cabling. The connection is achieved via the physical connections from the ISP to your dwelling building. However, the wireless connection or Wi-Fi is what its name says- a wireless connection means a virtual connection. The most known ones are Satellite-based and Cellular Wi-Fi connections.

5. Reliance And Network Speeds:

DSL Internet is quite cost-effective as compared to the Wi-Fi Internet. DSL Internet gives the connection to its less reliant users. Hence, the speeds are quite lesser, unlike Wi-Fi speeds. Therefore, being cable-free and wireless router/modem, Wi-Fi Internet is lesser complex than DSL Internet.

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