3 Ways To Fix Huawei Tablet Slow Internet Issue

huawei tablet slow internet
huawei tablet slow internet

Huawei is known for manufacturing some of the best hardware components. Their devices include computers, laptops, tablets, and similar devices. The tablets made by this company have great displays that are capable of providing up to 2K resolution. You also have a camera on these which can be used to take pictures or record videos.

This is great for capturing important moments and making memories. Additionally, there are a lot of features on all the tablets from this company. These are some of the best devices that you can purchase from the company. However, recently some users have been reporting that they are getting slow internet speeds on their Huawei Tablet. If you have been getting this issue as well then here are some ways you can follow to fix this.

Huawei Tablet Slow Internet Issue

  1. Weak Wi-Fi Signals

Tablet users have to use a wireless connection in order to use the internet on their devices. This is because there is no option on these devices to use a wired connection unless you connect the tablet to a converter. Considering this, you might also be using a wireless connection. If you are then getting low or weak signals on your device will cause it to run into problems.

These include having slower speeds as well as the network not being stable. Alternatively, you might have some objects between your devices that might be causing the signals to get blocked. To fix this problem, it is recommended that you move a little closer to your router. You can also move anything that might be between them. This should help you in getting better signals on your device and fix your internet speed issue. However, you should note that this is not a permanent fix and you will have to be close to the router whenever you feel like having access to the internet.

For a solid solution, you should purchase another router. You can place this in your home where you have extremely low signals. After setting up the new router, you should be able to receive signals in every nook of your house allowing you to enjoy the connection without having to worry about the distance. While purchasing a new router, you should make sure that it has good signal strength and newer features.

  1. Set Up Device Priority

Most people have a lot of family members that use the same connection as them. This slows down your internet speed. Although, you can fix this problem by setting up a priority for your device on the router. Most routers come with this feature but in case your router does not come with it, you can purchase a new one. To set this up, you will have to open up the setting on your router. After you open these up, it will require you to login to the online portal. Most devices have ‘admin’ set as the default pin and username on them.

Keep in mind, that this is case sensitive, and you type in all the information in lower case letters. After you have successfully, logged in to the portal, proceed to find the priority listing feature under all the options displayed. You can set up a priority for all the devices that you use here according to your preferences. Make sure that your Huawei Table is on top of this list. Afterward, save all these settings before you close them down. You should now be able to get better speed on your tablet even when you are further from the router than others.

  1. Switch VPN Off

Some routers have VPN features built onto them. This way all the devices connected to that router will all have a VPN connection. This causes the connection speed to slow down. If you are also using a VPN service on your router then closing it down should help you to fix the problem. Start by going to the settings of your router. If you have any trouble accessing this then you can follow the method provided above. After this find and turn off the VPN service on your router. Close down the settings and then give your device a reboot. After your device starts and the lights on it become stable, you can start using it with high internet speeds again.

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