FirYawee Smartwatch Slow Internet Issue: 3 Ways To Fix

firyawee smartwatch slow internet
firyawee smartwatch slow internet

FirYawee is a new brand that has come up with a smartwatch that is compatible with both iOS as well as android. The glass used for the display is 2.5D, which is a really durable and scratch-resistant glass. It also provides users with a more responsive and smoother interaction. You can connect this watch with your phone through the application that it comes with.

After this, you can receive all the notifications on your smartwatch. Although, one thing that you should know is that you cannot reply to conversations or make calls from your watch. Some FirYawee users have been getting slow internet speed on their smartwatch. If this has happened to you as well then here are a few ways you can fix this.

FirYawee Smartwatch Slow Internet

  1. Set Up Priority (If you are connecting to WiFi)

There might be a lot of people who use the same internet connection as you in your house. Alternatively, you might share your connection with a lot of friends or might even use it yourself on several devices. Whatever the case might be, if the bandwidth of your connection is all taken up by other devices then you will start getting slower speeds.

While it can be hard to find out which device exactly is taking up most of the connection speed, you can try to free up bandwidth for your device some other way. Most routers come with the option to set up a list of priorities for the devices that are connected to them. This means that the device that is set to be higher in priority will receive more bandwidth than the device that is lower. You can use this feature to set your smartwatch higher up in the list or even at the top. This way even if you are getting slower signals on your watch compared to other devices connected, you will still be receiving more bandwidth and speed than others. You can then enjoy your internet at a faster speed.

To do this, open up the settings of your router. After this, a page will open which requires you to log into your connection’s account. The default password and username for this is ‘admin’. This is case sensitive which means that you need to type it all in lowercase letters. After successfully logging into your account, you can then find the priority list and start setting up your devices it according to your needs. Make sure that you save these settings after applying all the changes.

  1. Change Router (If you are connecting to WiFi)

If you cannot find the priority feature on your router then you can try to search the model of your device online. There should be a list that tells you all the features of your router. If the feature is not there then it means that you have a router that is now outdated. It is recommended that you change your router with a new one. On top of giving, your new features, you will also be able to enjoy high speeds of the internet on your device without any problem.

In addition to this, new routers are also extremely easy to set up and the range on them is far better than older versions. This means that you will be able to receive signals all over your house. You can then use your devices even in the nooks of your house. Lastly, you even have the option to set up both of the routers instead of simply replacing one. This way you can have two router connections in your house and you can connect to them depending on which one you are closer to.

  1. Charge Device

The smartwatch from FirYawee can start running into problems if the battery level on it starts to fall below 20%. The internet on it can even stop working completely after the battery falls below the 15% range. This is why you should keep your watch charged at all times. You can charge up this watch in less than an hour due to the fast charging it provides.

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