7 Ways To Fix Nest Secure Slow Internet Issue

nest secure slow internet
nest secure slow internet

Nest Security is one of the prime choices for everyone who needs alarm and security systems. On the contrary, some users have been complaining about Nest Secure slow internet. Well, you don’t need to worry because we have outlined the troubleshooting methods in this article!

Nest Secure Slow Internet

1) Wi-Fi Speed

Obviously, when the slow internet issue incurs, you need to check the Wi-Fi speed. The speed depends on various factors, such as the router, connectivity frequency, distance between router and devices, and physical interferences. All these factors will directly influence the internet connection’s speed. First of all, the users need to reduce the distance between the router and device. When the distance is reduced, the internet signals will be stronger.

Secondly, the users need to opt for the mesh test as it helps assess information about wireless points. Once you have this information, you could try moving the wireless router closer to the open location. Keep in mind that there must be minimal obstructions around. Thirdly, the internet connection can be streamlined by restarting the network connection. For this purpose, the users will need to reboot the router as it refreshes the wireless signals.

Lastly, the users need to check that the internet service is working optimally. In this case, you could try contacting the internet service provider because they can troubleshoot the internet connection.

2) Physical Obstructions

When it comes down to the physical obstructions, you need to keep them minimal between the device and internet router. For instance, if you have installed the Nest Secure products on the ground floor while the internet router is placed in the basement, there will be connectivity issues. This is because there are too many barriers that are interfering with the internet connection.

That being said, you need to reduce the number of such obstructions. In addition, you need to try removing the electronic devices from around the router. For instance, you need to ensure that there are no microwaves, refrigerators, and other electronics placed with the router. These electronics have frequencies that can hinder the connections. So, remove the obstructions!

3) Wi-Fi Channel

The Wi-Fi channels play an important role in optimizing the internet connection. Generally, people think that a 5GHz Wi-Fi channel is better and delivers a higher connection. Well, it’s true but Nest Secure works better with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel. For this purpose, the users need to change the Wi-Fi channel settings to 2.4GHz and it will streamline the connection.

4) Congestion

Congestion is similar to traffic. To illustrate, if there are too many connected devices on the network, it will result in a slow internet issue with Nest Secure. That being said, we suggest that you check the number of connected devices and try to reduce them. Reducing the number of connected devices will reduce bandwidth consumption. As a result, Nest Secure will have a better internet connection.

5) Router’s Location

The router location matters a great deal for everyone who needs a streamlined internet connection with Nest Secure. This is because the internet signals’ strength will be impacted by the location of the router. We suggest that you place the router at a central location. In addition, the line of sight between Nest Secure and the router must be clear. To summarize, ensuring proper router location will help fix the slow internet with Nest Secure.

6) Priority Settings

In case you have too many connected devices and the number of devices cannot be reduced; you can change the priority settings. We suggest that you modify the activity preferences as it streamlines the internet bandwidth. In addition, you could set Nest Secure as the priority device. When the device is set to priority, the internet connection will be optimized. Secondly, you can also try upgrading the internet plan to ensure you get more bandwidth.

7) Reboot

It’s often considered the cliché but rebooting the wireless router will help fix the signal issues. That being said, the users can take out the power cable from the router and keep them out for two minutes. Then, plug in the power cable again and it will fix the internet issues. Keep in mind that rebooting the router will refresh the internet signals. On the contrary, if the troubleshooting methods don’t resolve the issue for you, call Nest Secure customer support for better assistance.

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