3 Ways To Fix ARMA 3 Slow Internet

Arma 3 slow internet
Arma 3 slow internet

ARMA 3 was originally release on the Windows platform back in September 2013. However, it was then released on Linux and macOS as well later on. This is an open world, tactical shooter game which takes place in the 2030s. The water environments and terrain of this game are photo-realistic and requires users to have a good system in order to run this game.

While most players enjoy the online modes provided in this game. You also have access to a single player story mode. You can select your weapons out of the different options provided to play in different styles. Some ARMA 3 players have reported that they have been getting slow internet while they play the game. If you have also been getting this problem then here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot.

How to Fix ARMA 3 Slow Internet?

  1. Restart Router

If you have been using your router for sometime then it might have started to slow down. This is because routers store up cache files to improve their performance. Although, in some cases these slow down the devices instead. This might be the reason why you are getting this problem. To fix this, flip your router and switch it off. Wait for 50 seconds to a minute before you turn this device back on.

This gives your router some time to delete all of the files stores in its memory. After this switch it back on and it should now work without any more issues. For people who have a separate router and modem, you should restart both of these devices. However, keep in mind that these need to be rebooted from their power buttons. Simply removing the cable will not delete their cache files.

  1. Reset Router

If simply giving your router a restart did not fix the problem that you are getting. Then you might have to reset it. Sometimes people accidentally change the settings of their routers. It can get really tricky to find the exact setting that might be affecting your router. This is why we recommend that you reset your device. This will delete all the settings and set them back to the default options.

To reset your router, insert a pin in the back of your device. You will notice that it has a small pinhole in it if your flip the device. Hold the pin there for a few seconds and the light on your router should now start to blink. This indicated that the device is now resetting. The procedure might end up taking some time depending on the model of your device. You should wait patiently until the light on it become stable again.

After they do, set up your router’s settings again to enjoy your internet connection. On a side note, you should make a backup copy of all your settings. This can then be used to revert your router to an older state if you run into any problem again. Additionally, this also frees the user from having to set up all their settings again.

  1. Close Additional Applications

If you are using the same internet connection as your game then it might start to slow down. This is because most connections have a limited bandwidth. If you use it on a lot of devices then the connection will start to slow down. Similarly, if you have a lot of application opened up on your computer or mobiles then they will also slow down the speed of your internet.

This is why you should close down all the applications that might be using your internet. These include any streaming apps as well as any downloads that you might be doing. After this, also make sure that there are no additional devices connected to the same network. This is a temporary fix and you will need to do this every time you play the game. But most new routers provide their users with an option to set up priority on their connection for all the devices that they use.

This helps you in limiting bandwidth on certain devices and giving others better connection speed and strength. You can use this feature to give the computer that you use to play ARMA 3 a higher priority than other devices. By doing this, you should be able to permanently fix the problem that you are getting.

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