How To Get Rid Of Broadcast TV Fee: Xfinity TV Customers

how to get rid of broadcast tv fee
how to get rid of broadcast tv fee

After a long day of work, one likes to kick back and watch their favorite show on the TV. However, some people aren’t into watching TV, but still, they are charged to pay for it. Well, this can be highly disturbing, considering you don’t even watch and have to pay for it. So, if you are the Xfinity user and struggling with fee issues, this is the savior article for you.

In this article, we have outlined ways to help get rid of broadcast TV fee. There are high chances that Xfinity TV customers often struggle with additional charges on the bill. In the majority of cases, the high cost of the bill is due to the programming costs. It is advised to check the Xfinity TV fees and what they mean in nature.

So, the broadcast TV fee is the monthly charge for the local stations for broadcasting. This fee is usually inclusive of the charges from broadcast stations and the channels. This will increase the charges. The customers are highly likely to receive the advance notification about the increase in the bill. The topping point is that changes in the bill will impact the channels at the receiving end.

How To Get Rid Of Broadcast TV Fee

For everyone who has a higher number of zeros on the broadcast TV fee section of the monthly bill and wants to get rid of it, you need to cancel all the TV services. This is because as long as you are subscribed to the TV tiers, there will be a subject of TV fee. The prime reason that customers are charged the broadcast TV fee is that customers are provided access to the local channels.

The local channel broadcast network programs include NBC, ABC, and CBS. If these channels aren’t inclusive in the base package, the extra billing charges will be added. With this being said, the fee isn’t imposed by the government, be it local or federal. There are multiple cases when people aren’t sure about what the broadcast TV fee is.

The Corporate Eye

The short answer for your satisfaction is that broadcast TV fee is nothing, but if you want to gain in-depth details, the reality is somehow different. So, the broadcast TV fee is basically the tactic used by cable companies and providers to extract some money out of your pocket. They make it look like “not an increment in price,” but they aren’t imposed by the government or don’t exist.

This is a pretty clever trick used by the billing companies. However, the charges will differ with the cable companies. For instance, the charges will be different for Spectrum users and Comcast users.

Getting Rid Of This Fee

Well, to be honest, there are no apparent solutions to get rid of this issue. Even more, Comcast has been sued for charging higher fees from the customers, but still, they haven’t given up the practice. According to Time Warner Cable and Charter, they have filed a suit against them, but the suit isn’t resolved. With this notion, it’s needless to say that these charges won’t be removed by force anytime soon.

Get Third-Party Services

For all people struggling with this issue, you need to learn either to negotiate with the customer service to waive off the fees or ask the third-party services to do the negotiation for you. You can check it with bill fixer companies as they negotiate with cable companies like Comcast on a daily basis. That’s because the customer service might tell you that bill is non-negotiable, but the bill fixer will know how to turn their tables around.

The Cable Company Insights

Back in 2013, AT&T came up with a Broadcast TV surcharge with an aim to recover the losses and charges from the local broadcasters. However, they were just following the footsteps of DirecTV that implemented the Regional Sports Fee with the image of compensating the charges of sports channels. To be honest, AT&T started this reign by imposing a high fee on government.

All in all, if you can give up on a cable TV network, you will be able to get rid of additional charges. On the other hand, drop all the TV subscriptions, and reduce the zeros on your monthly bill as there are no other options!

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