Why Did Comcast Bill Go Up? (Answered)

why did comcast bill go up
why did comcast bill go up

Comcast has become one of the top-notch internet, TV, and mobile phone services. The availability of a wide range of packages and plans has made Comcast the top preference, but some users have been struggling with the higher billing costs. So, if you are considering, “why did Comcast bill go up?” we have the answers for you.

Why Did Comcast Bill Go Up?

Higher Bills

According to Comcast, they had to direct the company into the streaming niche. This is the prime reason that advertisers have gone into this field because they want to make use of free productions. As for cable customers, the service will be available for free, irrespective of what you are using, broadband, or video connection.

On the other hand, if you are using other services, the bill is expected to rise a great deal. The price increases started back in December. On average, the bill is going to increase at a rate of 3.6%, which will lead to an increase in every plan. With this being said, the modem rental fee will increase by $1, the internet plans will increase by $3, and the TV fee will increase by $4.95.

According to Comcast, they are trying their best to contain the price increase to ensure the customers are not pressurized. There are higher chances that Comcast is already taking care of the programming costs, but the service charges are inevitable. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cable companies go through annual price increments.

As per the expert analysts, the price increase is the result of an increasing customer base that prefers streaming channels rather than settling for the cable bundles. This is all because of Peacock. So, for everyone considering why their bill is going up, even the free tier will have price adjustments that are going to cause an increment in the monthly bill.

The free tier will have the ads, but it will offer more than seven thousand hours of content. On the other hand, the premium package will offer more than fifteen thousand hours of content. In case you are a premium user, you can spend an extra of $10 for getting rid of ads. So, these are some prime reasons that your Comcast bill is going up.

If you are a Comcast user, you must have gotten a call around December to explain the “promotional rates.” However, some people didn’t provide the consent, and it still led to the increment of the bill. With this being said, you can always lower your bill by calling Comcast. Keep in mind that you will need to be persistent (and logical) to get them to understand the situation.

In some cases, Comcast may increase the bill through the increased rental fee on equipment. In addition, there are increased device rentals for digital adapters and modems. In addition, it could be an increase in the sports fee. So, you need to read your bill properly and see why costs are going up in your case. So, have proper information before calling Comcast customer support!

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