How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Xfinity?

how much does it cost to cancel xfinity
how much does it cost to cancel xfinity

Xfinity services are a blessing to have when you have them as they are offering you some great features at super cool prices. But despite the comfort and convenience, these services bring you, you might be allured into signing a contract at the time of your subscription. With these contracts you are offered better packages and rates that sound good at the time but, you need to sign a long technical agreement with tons of details on it that can cause you lots of trouble at the time of cancellation or if you fail to comply.

Similarly, you might have to face lots of charges at cancellation that might shock you. If you want to have an idea about what kind of charges can be incurred when you cancel your services with Xfinity, here is a rough idea on types of charges that you might have to pay while canceling your account with Xfinity

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Xfinity?

Any Arrears

Xfinity services are at a minimal cost, but they are charged. You might not have noticed but there can be possible arrears on your account that you must pay at the time of cancellation of your services. These prior charges can be any fines, late payments, or any other charges that you have failed to pay. In case you are not using these services, you might have been billed because you failed to notify Xfinity of any such instance and these can be collected on your account that you have to pay as a part of cancellation agreement that would settle the score for you with Xfinity.

Charges until agreement date

The agreement includes some articles that say that you have to stick with the Xfinity for a defined period of time. You should refrain from signing such agreements in the first place as you have no way but to stick with their service no matter how many issues you get.

Although, if you have signed for their agreement, you might have to pay a full fee for all the services that you have subscribed to the Xfinity until your agreement ends. This means that whether you are using the service or not, you will have to pay for it and if you cancel with Xfinity before your agreement ends, you have to pay the remaining amount in full in a single instance. This might also add several early cancellation charges per month basis on top of your regular charge that can cost you a lot and you would rather stick with Xfinity than to think about changing.

Early cancellation fees

Getting out from a legally bound agreement is not easy, and there are too many clauses and articles that can make leaving impossible for you. An early cancellation fee might be charged from you if you have signed an agreement to use Xfinity for a specific time. This early cancellation fee will be charged on the top of any other charges such as charges until the date you were bound to use the service, fines, arrears, and more. This can cause you some serious trouble and you might think of not canceling at all.

Equipment fees

All the equipment that you are using including wires, cables, connectors, Cable Box, Modems, and routers are property of Xfinity. Upon cancellation, you are expected to return all the equipment to an Xfinity outlet in working condition. Minor wear and tear that can be caused by using the equipment are allowed but if something is not in the working order, or is missing you will need to pay for it separately. All the fees of equipment are to be bored by the user in case of getting the equipment damaged. Needless to say, that they will replace the damaged equipment upon inspection if you choose to continue their services but you will be charged for any missing or damaged equipment when you try to cancel.

You can cancel with Xfinity if you want to if you have not signed any agreement with them. If you have signed an agreement with Xfinity or any other Service provider, early cancellation will not be a good idea at all as it would cause you more damage than good.

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