5 Solutions For The Eero Beacon Not Turning On

eero beacon not turning on
eero beacon not turning on

Eero promises the best internet and network solutions with their wireless mesh systems. The eeros are known to extend the wireless coverage, but they have also designed a beacon to extend the wireless internet coverage of the current mesh system. It can be connected with the eero routers or directly to the internet. The beacon works well with first-generation, second-generation, and third-generation Eero, but many users have shared reservations regarding the eero beacon not turning on, which is why we are sharing some solutions with you!

Eero Beacon Not Turning On

1. Reboot

First of all, you need to reboot the eero beacon. For this purpose, you have to unplug the eero beacon from the router, wait for thirty seconds, and plug it back inside. As a result, the connectivity issues will be resolved. As a result, the eero beacon will turn white, which means the reboot is complete and can connect to the internet. Keep in mind that the beacon will take a few minutes to establish the connection.

2. Restart The Router

In case you have connected your eero beacon to the router rather than directly into the internet port, you should restart the router because the router might be having issues in establishing an internet connection. To restart your eero router, you just have to keep it unplugged for a few minutes and reconnect it again to create an internet connection. You must remember that router needs to have correct software configurations and settings to support the functionality of the beacon, and the router restart can fix the issue.

3. Use Bridge Mode

Another solution is to put your router into the bridge mode. This is because a bridge mode helps connect multiple devices at once and extends the wireless internet coverage. In addition to this, the bridge mode can improve the internet speed without compromising the reliability of the internet connection. Similarly, the bridge mode will help support the beacon as well. In case you don’t know how to turn on the bridge mode, you can check out the router’s manual to enable the bridge mode. However, when you enable the bridge mode, make sure that you reboot the router to make sure the beacon connects well and works following the bridge mode.

4. Check The Internet Connection

The beacon is another component of the internet and network system, which means any issue with the internet connection will hinder the beacon’s functionality as well. That being said, you should try rebooting the router to refresh the internet connection or call the internet service provider to improve the internet connection’s speed. Once the internet connection is working properly, connect the beacon, and we are sure it will start working optimally. In addition to rebooting the router, you can also create an Ethernet connection to eliminate the hindrances in internet signals.

5. Call Eero Customer Support

If the become is still not turning on, there are chances of an internal wiring issue, which you have to get fixed by the eero technical support. This is because any hardware issues in the beacon can be fixed by the technical team, or they can send a replacement.

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