Eero Speed Test Not Accurate: 4 Ways To Fix

eero speed test not accurate
eero speed test not accurate

People are connected to each other through the internet. Eero devices are widely used and the eero app is designed to help people manage the connected devices on the network. On the contrary, the eero speed test not accurate has been a common issue, and we are here with the solutions.

Eero Speed Test Not Accurate

The eero app has the speed test, which determines the speed between the eero modem and the gateway that it’s connected to. Keep in mind that this test doesn’t tell the internet speed between the device and the eero network. For this purpose, the speed that’s represented in the app won’t change if you move around the space.

On the other hand, if the speed doesn’t reflect the speed that’s coming to the eero network. If there is an inaccurate speed issue with eero speed test, you can do the following;

1) Toggle The Wi-Fi

Whenever the results are inaccurate with the eero speed test, there are chances that the Wi-Fi on the clients’ device is not working as it should. That being said, if you are hoping to get accurate results from the eero speed test, it’s best to toggle the Wi-Fi off and on, on the client device.

When the Wi-Fi switches on, after toggling, run the eero speed test again, and we hope the results will come out better.

2) Distance

Whenever you have to check the internet speed, you must consider the distance between the device and the eero unit. To illustrate, if the device is far away from the eero unit, the wireless signals will obviously be weak, which leads to inaccurate speed tests. That being said, it’s better that you move the device closer to the eero unit and try running the speed test again.

3) Network Health Check

If the speed test results are still inaccurate, you must opt for the network health check. The network health check is responsible for examining the network and identifying the errors that are causing the inaccurate results. For running the network health check on the eero app, follow the instructions mentioned below, such as;

  • The first step is to open the eero app on your smartphone
  • From the eero app, open the menu
  • From menu tab, scroll down to the help option
  • When you press the help button, it opens a new tab, and you need to press on the troubleshooting option
  • As a result, the health check will be completed, and errors will be fixed

4) Reboot

In case the previously mentioned steps didn’t lead to accurate speed test results on the eero app, you can reboot the app and other devices. Keep in mind that you must reboot the entire network, such as the modem and router. In addition to the network devices, you must reboot the smartphone on which you are using the eero app.

Also, while you are rebooting the modem and router (the network devices), you must switch them off for at least ten minutes to free up congestion. After reboot, try running the speed test again, and the results will be much accurate!

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