Your Eero Keeps Disconnecting? 3 Things To Try

my eero keeps disconnecting
my eero keeps disconnecting

Eero is a famous brand that is known for its famous Wi-Fi system. The small routers manufactured by them help people in creating a single network inside their homes. This is different when compared to standard routers as those create multiple networks. Not only is a mesh system faster but it also helps in getting a much more stable signal strength.

The only thing that you need to look out for is that enough routers are installed inside your Wi-Fi network. You can add and remove devices whenever you want to which makes the routers even better. Although, there are also some problems that you can run into when using these devices. One common complaint from people is that “My Eero keeps disconnecting”. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix this issue.

My Eero Keeps Disconnecting Fix

1. Rebooting The Eero Devices

There are tons of reasons why your Eero routers might be disconnecting. Although, the main reason why this can happen is if there are some errors on the device. These usually store data in their memory which helps them in working much more efficiently.

However, all of this can start stocking up which will start causing problems for the router. The only way to manually remove these cache files is by rebooting the Eero routers. You can start by removing the power cables for all of your Eero devices and then wait for a few minutes. This helps the routers to clear their memory after which you can start them back on.

2. Eero Routers Too Far Apart

Another reason why your Eero routers keep disconnecting can be that these are placed far apart from each other. The mesh system does not require any cables to establish a connection, but you should note that these still have to send and receive data.

All of this is done wirelessly which is why you should keep them close enough to avoid problems. If your house is too large, then adding additional routers to the ecosystem should allow you to get a stable connection. Meanwhile, you can just place the routers closer to each other and configure them like this. The process should help you in fixing the problem you were previously getting.

3. Modem Has Wi-Fi

Finally, one last reason why you might be getting this problem is if your modem also has Wi-Fi on it. While this is not a problem on other mesh systems, you should note that Eero devices can get their signals interrupted from another router. This is why if your modem also has Wi-Fi on it then you should disable it.

You can do this by accessing its online portal and then switching the modem from standard to bridge mode. Once done, the Wi-Fi signals coming from it should be disabled and you can then start using your Eero network. If you are having trouble trying to find the bridge mode on your modem, then use the manual provided along with it. Alternatively, you can contact your ISP and ask them to help you out.

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