How To Check Your CenturyLink Usage?

how to check centurylink usage
how to check centurylink usage

Centurylink being one of the most well-known internet service providers in the United States has gained many subscriptions to its slightly above average data packages. And similar to other internet service providers, Centurylink also has the dreaded metered connection. Even though it’s dreaded, but for some people – it’s the best option available.

The metered data connection has a limit. Centurylink provides its customers with three tiers, copper, business, and prism. Copper is the cheapest and the most affordable. Not skimping on speed, the data usage is capped around 1 terabit. Going above this data cap prompts a letter from Centurylink asking you to upgrade to their business package. This can be a pain, and will keep you wondering, how much data do I have left?

There are a few ways to monitor your Centurylink data usage, some of them are applicable through your computer and others through your mobile phone.

Here in this article, we will describe in detail a few ways with which you can monitor your Centurylink data usage.

How To Check CenturyLink Usage:

1. Through an App

There are several mobile phone applications – for Android and iOS – that can monitor your data usage.

For example, from the play store, you can download My Data Manager, GlassWire, and Data Usage Monitor. All three of these apps are great in what they are designed to do – monitoring your data usage. Their source code builds upon the mobile phone’s internal data calculating abilities, giving even more in-depth data about your Centurylink data usage. So using a mobile phone app for monitoring your Centurylink data usage is a viable option.

But, what about windows?

Well, apps like GlassWire offer a windows version as well. You can download the GlassWire windows version, install it, and start monitoring your Centurylink data usage.

2. Mobile settings

Your mobile phone has a built-in setting that shows you how much data is being used. It also has a function that allows you to block certain apps from using your Centurylink internet data. But the information it provides and the customizations you can do is severely limited. Nonetheless, it does an OK job monitoring your Centurylink data usage.

To access this setting, go into your mobile phone settings and navigate through mobile networks and into data usage, doing so will display some data showing your Centurylink internet data usage.

3. Calling tech support

Although the internet service provided by Centurylink is slightly above average, their customer service, on the other hand, is top-notch. If an individual has any network issue the people down at Centurylink headquarters always do their best to solve it. Similarly, if you want a report of your Centurylink data usage, all you have to do is call them and they will give you a detailed report.

4. Routers

Similar to a mobile phone, some routers come with a built-in setting that allows you to monitor your Centurylink data usage. Going into your router’s settings will grant you access to this information.

If your router doesn’t have this setting, installing other user-generated firmware like the DD wrt and Merlin will give your router the ability to monitor your Centurylink data usage.

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