Centurylink Copyright Notices: What To Do?

centurylink copyright notices
centurylink copyright notices

CenturyLink was a telecommunications company that has now been changed to Lumen Technologies. The companies mainly work in America and provide a list of services for their users. These include cloud storage solutions, firewall and other security features as well as communication services.

There are a number of devices that you can purchase from these company and then use them to get access to all of their features. These include telephone services as well as a broadband internet connection. Aside from this, you can either choose to select a package and use everything in it at a fixed rate or use your services at the default charges.

CenturyLink Copyright Notices

CenturyLink provides their users with a complete process for copyrighted material. If you notice that some user possesses something that belongs to you then you can contact the company and send in a request to get your intellectual property removed. Other users can do the same thing if you have downloaded their data without a proper deal.

This usually happens if you pirate a movie, show or music album. If the company notices that you possess their data without purchasing it then a copyright notice will be sent to you. The notice contains all the information that you require about the copyright infringed data as well as the name of the person filing it. If it does not include these then it is most likely a scam message.

What to Do?

If you have received a copyright mail from CenturyLink. Then you might be wondering what you should do. The first thing to note is that ‘is CenturyLink your ISP?’, if it is then check which email you signed up with. If the email is the same as the one you received the notice on then it is most likely legit. Now read through the notice to find what data has been infringed. If you possess the data contained in the notice then delete it completely off your device.

Some companies even request the users to pay for the data that they have infringed. You can either choose to pay them for it or call or contact your ISP after removing it. Tell them that you have removed all the infringed data and CenturyLink should most likely let you go. The company usually gives their users a few chances before it decides to take action. Considering this, if this was your first time then you should remember not to infringe any copyrighted content in the future.

In case you didn’t possess the data mentioned in the notice then you should contact CenturyLink and tell them about it. Your account might have gotten hacked. Explain the situation to the support team so that they can change the password and PIN for your account. Lastly, if the company does not remove the notice then you will have to contact your lawyer. They should help you in contacting the company and getting rid of the copyright notice. Most messages and notices like these are usually attempts of scam so it is good that you go through them before doing anything.

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  1. Not sure what to do:
    I am not the account holder at our house. The account holder is NOT getting blocked from internet access. All my devices— laptop, iPad, and iPhone— are ALL being blocked from internet access.

    What does the account holder need to do?
    What do I need to do?

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