GoPhone vs Straight Talk: Compare

gophone vs straight talk
gophone vs straight talk

What’s your preferred network and why? Is it GoPhone or Straight Talk? And how long have you been using it? Ever thought about changing your network? If you have, we are here to help you pick the network that best suits all your requirements. For this purpose, we are going to list a side by side comparison between GoPhone VS Straight Talk. This way you’ll be able to choose the one network that ticks all the right boxes of your needs. So, stick with us and get to know more about both the networks and what they have to offer.

GoPhone vs Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless Network

Straight Talk is the top of the list mobile virtual network operator shortly known as MVNO in the United States. It tops the list with more than 25 million customers. Straight Talk is one of the most valued network operators as it includes various other perks as well such as Cricket, MetroPCS, TracFone, Boost, etc. In fact, TracFone out of these actually has the legal rights of operating the Straight Talk brand so that it can provide the best to all those data-hungry users that are tight on their budgets with their pocket-friendly network plans.

Why Straight Talk Plans Are Cheap?

Usually, most MVNOs like Straight Talk, operate their network services by leasing out space on towers of other major networks instead of owning and setting up their own towers.

This is a way in which Straight Talk sets a certain amount of price dropouts for their customers in their network plans. This is why they are able to provide high-speed Wireless Network Connection at lower and affordable prices as they don’t have to pay for the maintenance charges for their cell towers. They can easily afford to present their customers with cheap plans giving better cellular services as compared to those other bigger networks like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint.

Moreover, Walmart which is a popular market also has an agreement with Straight Talk which enables them to retail different products in-store exclusively. You can even buy your favorite Straight Talk phones or the network plans online as well as from the stores.

GoPhone (AT&T Prepaid)

AT&T Prepaid was formerly known as GoPhone. It is nothing but a prepaid mobile phone service offered by AT&T Mobility. AT&T is the biggest wireless network provider of the United States as it has the greatest network of servers providing widespread coverage in all the different places.

AT&T primarily offers its services in the form of different types of contracts but as of now, it also offers prepaid service because they are better preferred by the customers. Therefore, it launched such prepaid services under the name of GoPhone which then turned into AT&T Prepaid as it basically belonged to the AT&T brand.

Pros And Cons

Now, we’ll list down the pros and cons of Straight Talk as well as GoPhone (AT&T Prepaid) to help you pick one between GoPhone VS Straight Talk.

Pros Of Straight Talk

  • Great Coverage as it leases towers from all four mega networking brands.
  • Superfast wireless network speeds.
  • Huge number of various cell phones that are pretty compatible.
  • Large Android as well as iPhones product selection along with promo discounts
  • Cheap activation fee of only $.99.
  • Amazing international perks.

Cons Of Straight Talk

  • Three Primary plans are available only.
  • Doesn’t offer any Family plans.
  • No Data-free music streaming.
  • Hotspot is only available on $55 network plan.

Pros Of GoPhone

  • Best widespread Coverage
  • Great variety of plans and cell phones.
  • Additional International perks.
  • Locally available Stores
  • TV streaming feature is available on Unlimited plans

Cons Of GoPhone

  • Plans are quite expensive.
  • Hotspot allotments are pretty low.
  • Typical varying Terms and Conditions.
  • Low data deprioritization limit is present on the Unlimited plans


Overall, between GoPhone VS Straight Talk, it basically depends on your needs that what network would you like to choose. Either you go for GoPhone (AT&T Prepaid) or you go for Straight Talk, it’s you who’ll be using their services and judging their performance. For the best performance and coverage, GoPhone is good but in terms of affordability, Straight Talk is better.

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