Compare Cricket Wireless vs AT&T- Which One?

cricket wireless vs at&t
cricket wireless vs at&t

No matter what network carrier you are using to fulfill your internet requirements, at some point you hate the service depending upon the given situation. You wish for a new better service that solves your problem which could be a slow speed internet or lagging games, bad signal or disturbing connection, no coverage or maybe you find the service plan expensive.

Whatever the reason might be that you’re currently looking for a completely different carrier to have a better experience. If you’re confused between Cricket Wireless VS AT&T, here are few things that you should know about them to make the right choice.

Benefits Offered By AT&T

AT&T is the second-largest network carrier in the United States after Verizon with over 160 million subscribers. AT&T is offering its customers with postpaid as well as prepaid services and trying to provide their users with the best.

1. Full Coverage and Reliability

With AT&T being one of the top network providers in the US, full coverage is promised to all the customers. No matter if you live in a small house on the outskirts of town, you will have strong reliability and better coverage.

2. Huge Collection of Internet Plans

AT&T Company offers it’s its customers with a huge collection of different Internet plans. The collection includes many data plans to have low data capacity to higher and ranging into different durations of monthly and yearly subscriptions.

3. Large Variety of Gadgets

AT&T data plans works on a large variety of gadgets available at the digital markets. Whether you are a fan of iPhones or an Android phone user, you can use the services offered by AT&T on your desired selection of phone as long as you are using the sim card to access AT&T network

4. Various AT&T Perks:

Perks offered by AT&T is a plus point of using their high-tier services. For example, if you’re using the Elite Premium Plan of AT&T network, you’re offered to select a premium channel from the list including these names: HBO, Starz, Cinemax, or Showtime for absolutely free. You can also choose Amazon Music, Spotify, or Pandora Premium.

5. Streaming Services

Tired of surfing web pages and exhausted from your data consumption? Don’t worry because you also have a streaming feature. Along with your yearly Unlimited Data plans, AT&T lets you stream your favorite TV shows and music.

Potential Disadvantages of AT&T

1. Expensive Plans:

The major disadvantage of using AT&T service is the high prices of data plans. All the data plans whether the monthly or thr family plans offered by AT&T are much more expensive than any other carriers. Users do love the services but cannot afford to pay for them.

2. Low Hotspot Data:

The hotspot data plans or internet packages offered by AT&T are simply insufficient. Most of the people who buy these plans end up using the whole amount of data even before their validation ends.

3. Benefits offered by Cricket Wireless

Cricket was once the fifth largest service provider of the United States. Cricket Wireless is now based on the network of AT&T and so it provides obviously an excellent service all over the country. However, there are a few differences that lead to the comparison between Cricket Wireless VS AT&T.

4. Good Coverage:

Cricket wireless basically uses AT&T’s network so definitely there are no doubts or second thoughts about the coverage. It offers coverage all over the United States including Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, and several other cites.

5. Your Own Personal Device Options:

Cricket wireless lets you bring your own personal device into the game. Your phone and other computing devices are welcomed with a large number of options that are compatible to work on their offered network services.

6. Cheaper Saving Family Plans:

Cricket is offering its subscribers significant saving options in the form of cheaper family plans. Their family internet data plans offer a better package in cheap rates. If you’re looking forward to buying services for all the family members, you should definitely consider Cricket Wireless plans.

7. Facilities for International Communication:

Cricket wireless network provides you with unlimited texting services internationally to 38 different countries. If you’re using a higher-tier plan you can send unlimited amount of text messages to your dear ones living abroad in the international 38 countries mentioned in the list. You can check the list and the plans on cricket network’s website.

8. Free Online Activation:

Cricket wireless let their customers activate any plan online absolutely free of any activation fees. No need to pay for any extra charges on online activation or reactivation of any plans offered on their website.

9. Easily Accessible Franchises:

Cricket wireless occupies a decent number of franchises. You can easily find various stores and retailers in your local area that can provide you with all cricket network services and consider all your issues regarding cricket services.

Demerits of Cricket Wireless

1. Expensive LTE Plans:

If you are an LTE user, you might find the LTE services of Cricket wireless a bit costly. The Unlimited LTE plans offered by Cricket are more expensive as compared to any other budget competitors.

2. No Extra Streaming Service:

Cricket Wireless simply does not offer any streaming services or sites. If you’re buying any internet plans, you will only get the amount of data it offers and no music or video streaming feature.

3. Lacking Customer Service:

No offense but if you are a cricket wireless subscriber you must have once or twice suffered through lacking customer service. A situation where you would have to get help from the outer sources because customer services offered by cricket are poor and insufficient.


Comparing Cricket Wireless vs AT&T, you’ve seen all the prepaid plans offered by Cricket Wireless are way cheaper per month as compared to the plans of AT&T. Therefore, most of the users prefer Cricket wireless over AT&T and choose to ignore a slight difference with the speed caps.

However, if you’re someone who cannot compromise on the speed and really look for the most valued service, you will easily find your speed solution on the network service of AT&T.

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  1. So basically, all of these media overlords do not provide a great service, but rather basic service, stating unlimited that can(will) run down very easily and then we have terrible service. Wish Id never switched to you people and stayed w/ TMobile last month. Worst signal strength and service I’ve ever had the displeasure of using.

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