3 Ways To Get Internet on Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi

Get Internet On Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi
Get Internet On Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi

For quite some time after the Kindle Fire’s first model was released, consumers had to face one big problem. This problem was of course the fact that they could not use any network related features when not connected to Wi-Fi. This obviously was quite the problem, since users were unable to download any books to read when away from home or under the absence of Wi-Fi in general.

This meant that they couldn’t read or watch anything on streaming services using their Fire tablet when on a trip, given that they didn’t download anything to read beforehand. However Amazon finally listened to their customers and added an option to insert a SIM inside the tablet to utilize mobile date, and although they did it much later than they should have, used won’t mind for too long, as it is better late than never.

Up till the Kindle Fire 7, there was no way for users to use a SIM card so that they could use mobile data in an attempt to use the internet when away from their homes. However after that, amazon fixed the issue, and provided the users with that option. The new Kindle Fire 10 is definitely the most advanced model in the series, as it features a variety of features that were absent in the previous models, such as charging with a USB-C cable, while also including some of the good features of the older models, such as the ability to use mobile data, like in the few models that released before it.

Now you can use a SIM card to get mobile date on your kindle and read or watch anything that you want to, as long as you are getting a stable enough service from your mobile data providers. The feature is now available for all of the latest kindle models and can be used by anyone that has a SIM card. However if you have a problem or few when it comes to utilizing the feature, here are ways that you can use internet on the Kindle Fire tablets, without a Wi-Fi connection.

How to Get Internet on Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi

1. Using Mobile Data On The Kindle Fire

If you are new to the kindle tablets and don’t really know how they work, than you may be in luck if you have used android phones or tablets in the past. In quite a few ways, the Fire tablets work similarly to android devices. For example, turning on your mobile date requires a method identical to android devices. Below is a step by step guide on how to do so.

  • First of all, slide your finger down from the top of the screen in order to reveal the notifications menu.
  • Once the notification menu is present on the screen, search at its top for a wireless option. Once you’ve found it, press it.
  • When you press the wireless option, you will see a menu that presents you with a variety of different options, such as using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Out of these options, press on the one that says mobile network.
  • Following this, you will be presented with another screen that shows a variety of different options. Press the one on the top which says ‘’Data Enabled’’ to turn the function either on or off.
  • After doing so, you will be presented with a screen that will ask you to swipe the lock icon to the left and insert any security pin that you may have chosen for your tablet. Once you do so, your mobile date will be on.

These easy few steps are the way to turn your mobile data either on or off, however you won’t need to enter your pin number when you want to turn it off. If you still cannot use the internet, it is most likely that you have run out of data.

2. Use Amazon’s Own Data Plan

If you have the Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE or any of its more advanced models, you can use amazons own data plan which you can pay for on an annual basis. If you aren’t familiar with the whole thing, Amazon released the Kindle Fire HD all the way back in 2012, and since then, it has received around 10 new additions to it as a series.

In 2019, amazon released the Kindle Fire HD 10, which is much more advanced than the original. However what’s special about these models is the fact that you can use Amazon’s own data plans with them. Along with the Kindle Fire HD, amazon also announced a date plan for the series, which has been changed a bit since then.

However this plan allows you to use internet wherever you are, allowing you to use at least 250 MB every month on an annual basis. So if you are subscribed to Amazon’s data plan and haven’t ran out of data for the month, you should have no problem using internet without a Wi-Fi connection.

If you haven’t ran out of data for the month and still cannot use your purchased plan than you should consult Amazon’s customer support and they will be able to take care of your issue.

3. Share Hotspot from Other Mobile Devices

If you have an older kindle fire model that doesn’t allow you to use SIM cards while also not working with Amazons data plan, than you might just be fresh out of luck since there aren’t many things that you can use the internet without Wi-Fi. If you are alone on a trip than you will not be able to use the internet, however if you are traveling with someone and they have mobile data on their phone than you could use Hotspot to use their data, and do whatever you want to on the internet.

There aren’t many problems that you can face when using mobile data on any of the kindle fire HD tablets. If you follow the above guides and still can’t use data, than you should consult amazon given that you aren’t out of data in the first place.

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