2 Ways To Fix Genie Mini Required For This TV

genie mini required for this tv
genie mini required for this tv

It is so good to enjoy your favorite TV shows while relaxing on your couch on weekends with your family. Isn’t it? It feels so relaxing and enjoyable to do such activities. Moreover, it helps you to spend quality time with your family. But, what if your service provider ruins everything by saying that genie mini is required for this TV.

This issue was reported so many times by AT&T customers, and it is something that no one would like to face. It may ruin your weekend, and this is something you are not going to like anyways. If you have been stuck in such a situation, then this article will be heaven for you.

What is Genie Mini?

The Genie Mini is the HD DVR state, which helps you enjoy HD DVR services in your home. It is available in wireless, too, so it can easily reach every corner of your home. Moreover, the direct-wired Genie Mini is only for DIRECTTV.

Genie Mini Required For This TV

Why Am I Facing This Issue?

It is something that everyone asks. There may be various reasons why you’re facing such an issue on earth, which can be more frustrating when there was no such issue before. So, why suddenly you are facing it. Do you need to get a Genie Mini for your TV while the TV in your next room works finely?

For all of your answers, your need to dwell on this article. This article has got everything you need to find out about your TV, asking for a Genie Mini. So, for your ease, below, we have provided some methods to overcome this situation. Just give the article a good read and resolve your issues easily.

1. Check The TV Software

It is the first and foremost thing that you will check if you are facing this issue. There are various cases where an old software was responsible for all of the mess you face. You need to check whether the software is the latest one or are using old software.

If the issue is with the software, upgrade your device to its latest possible software. This small step will allow you to overcome the situation perfectly.

2. Firmware Update

Smart devices present in your home cannot work for years without an up-gradation. If you do not upgrade them, they will not work correctly. So, if you face the issue mentioned above, the first thing to do is go for a firmware update.

So, for the firmware upgrade, you can directly call your service provider and ask them for the upgrade, of which you can do it on your own too. But, we will suggest you ask your service provider for it.


In the draft, we have mentioned some of the best methods to resolve your Genie Mini issue. The draft has got everything that you needed to know about troubleshooting the issues. If you need any help, then hit the comment box.

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