Group Text More Than 10 On AT&T: Is It Possible?

how to group text more than 10 on at&t
how to group text more than 10 on at&t

AT&T is a well-known cellular service brand that caters its services to a plethora of customers. It offers a wide range of plans at a reasonable rate. However, it has been found that AT&T has placed a limitation on a group text. It only allows customers to send a group message to ten people. And netizen has rushed AT&T forums to get appropriate answers to extend the limit of group text beyond ten recipients.

In this article, we will discuss what’s the actual policy of AT&T to lift group text limitation and expand it further to 20 to 30? You will know it is going to happen, or AT&T has no mood to change its policy at all.

Group Text More Than 10 On AT&T?

Why AT&T Has Group Limit Of 10?

AT&T has placed a group text limit of 10 only to protect its customers for the protection of their privacy. It considers that if they extend the group limit to more than 10, they will face privacy issues, or their data may be hacked. In this regard, AT&T had narrowed down the group text limit to 10 so that its customers do not receive spam messages. Similarly, nowadays, fake news is rampant in the technological world. Knowing this fact, they had curtailed down group text limit to 10 as no fake news spread with momentum.

Does AT&T Intend To Change Group Text Limit?

Yes, according to AT&T official website, it is working towards the expansion of group text limit more than ten. However, there is no exact time period or cut off date when they might bring the changes. Similarly, they have worked out in some of the latest phones with this feature, and they can group text more than 10 contacts.

Many people who are frustrated with group text limit complain about group text limits at many internet forums. Fortunately, AT&T is preparing to bring out an update for the proliferation of group message limit beyond 10. Meanwhile, they have not stated the exact release date of the update.

How Can AT&T Group Text Limit Save Customers To Spam?

Furthermore, it is quite an arguable question whether AT&T group text limits save its customers from spams, or it is just a myth. One may think that those who send spam need thousands of contacts for the spam penetration and how a person can send spam to a limit of 20 to 30 contacts. In the same way, AT&T should think in this perspective that every social customer has at least 20 or 30 close contacts. Restraining the customers to the group text limit to 10 finds no concrete reason.


Summing up, AT&T should retrospect its policy of group text limit to 10 and bring out timely solutions in this regard. Presently, there is no way to extend the group text limit beyond 10, either through phone or software settings. It will have to be done by the AT&T team and policymakers to bring out the update for this issue for their entire range of customers.

In this article, we have explicated the topic of how to group text message more than ten on AT&T and described what is the ground policy of AT&T? and when will they release group text update. If you have any queries regarding this, we will appreciate your response in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Group Text More Than 10 On AT&T: Is It Possible?”

  1. I really like my AT&T cellular service with the exception of the limited group text messaging. I can get the messages, but cannot respond back which is very frustrating. I would hate to have to change cellular service because they foresee a lot of scams.


  2. It is time for AT&T and Consumer Cellular to up its group text messages. This is out dated. I will not recommend to anyone. Ican receive group text messages of more tan 10, but can never respond. It happens alot in my family so I am going to shop around for a new plan.

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