5 Ways To Fix Belkin Router Slow Internet

belkin router slow internet
belkin router slow internet

Belkin International is an American company that focuses on manufacturing consumer electronics. Belkin’s specialty is manufacturing devices used for connectivity such as routers, modems, and more. It was founded some years ago in 1983. It is also a retailer of accessories meant to be used with iPads and iPhones.

What are Belkin Routers?

Belkin routers are almost exactly like any other router. They allow users to connect to the internet. In more detail, it allows connectivity to internal hosts through Wi-Fi and external internet through a WAN link. Your Belkin router can also provide you with NAT, firewalls, and more. It also offers white listing for user devices. However, your Belkin router’s basic function is to provide you with access to the internet.

Belkin routers offer good customization options. Users can optimize their Belkin router’s settings as much as they want in order to get better Wi-Fi. This allows users to enjoy all their entertainment without any internet-related problems.

However, the routers obviously aren’t of much use if they can’t offer high speeds. Although Belkin is quite famous for its good routers, they can sometimes provide terrible connections. These slow connections can cause many different problems.

For example, users won’t be able to stream content at good quality. Slow internet can also cause many problems with multiplayer video games. Some of these problems include lag and disconnections between matches. A slow internet connection can also be quite problematic if you work from home.

Fix Belkin Router Slow Internet

Bad internet connections can cause many issues, which is why you need to quickly fix the issue. There are multiple reasons why your Belkin router is providing slow internet. Take a look below to see some of these reasons and the different ways you can solve the problem.

1) Check your Internet Plan

You should check your internet plan before you start blaming your slow internet speeds on your router. You should definitely try doing this before anything else if this is your first time using your Belkin router. Slow internet is inevitable if your internet plan can only provide you with speeds of 10Mbps or less. If your internet plan is only good for 10Mbps download speeds or less, you should immediately contact your ISP. All you have to do is subscribe to a better internet plan and you should get faster speeds.

If your internet plan is in fact good enough to provide download speeds of 15Mbps and more, you should skip to one of the fixes given below.

2) Try the Universal Fix for Slow Routers

Resetting routers are a great way to fix slow internet speeds. While many believe that it is unlikely, resetting your router is surprisingly very effective. All you have to do is press the power button on your Belkin router a couple of times and your internet problems should go away.

3) Change your Belkin Router’s Position

You can’t expect your router to provide you with fast speeds if it’s too far from all your devices. Physical interferences such as walls, metals, aquariums, and more can prevent your WiFi signals from passing. This obviously means slower speeds on all your devices. If your router is far, consider moving your Belkin router to an area where most of your devices are used. This will make it easier for your device to spot Wi-Fi signals and will ensure faster internet speeds.

4) Get rid of Wireless Interferences

Some wireless devices can also act as interferences. These include baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, cordless telephones that use 2.4Ghz band, and more. Changing the SSID and channel on your Belkin router can solve this issue. Switching to the 5Ghz band is also a good means of fixing this issue.

5) Purchase a New Belkin Router

Old or damaged routers are a very common reason behind the slow internet. You should think about getting a new router if you’ve had the same one for a few years. This is because of the fact that routers get worse as time moves on. Older routers are also unable to provide the same fast speeds as newer ones. Damaged routers are also unable to provide said high speeds.

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