Does AdBlock Slow Down Internet? (Explained)

Does AdBlock Slow Down Internet
Does AdBlock Slow Down Internet

There are many factors out there, slowing down your connection speed. Having constant slowdowns and buffering can get annoying. Persistent popping up of ads is one of the many factors that make the uploading process quite slow.

However, people have technically evolved to resist these unnecessary ads pop-ups by using a software program called “Ad-block”. Factually, ad-blocks are not supposed to slow down your internet speed. But the procedure it has to carry out has substantial effects on computer speed. Adblock Plus is the best ad blocker on the web right now.

People switch to much protective software to prevent potential attacks from viruses and malware. Adblocker is one of the convenient software that ensures the protection of your computer system.

What Is Ad-Blocking?

Adblocking is also known as ad filtering. It is a software capability program that is responsible to remove out unwanted and irritating ads and advertisements that potentially slow down your internet connection.

A browser extension is regarded as one of the most commonly used adblocker programs. However other methods are also out there to help block the constant popping up of programs.

What Is An AdBlocker?

Adblocker is simply an ad-blocking program that is created to secure your computer system’s safety. They are browsers’ add-ons. They are abundantly available for the web browsers of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

What Does An Ad Block Do?

These computer software programs’ purpose is to prevent the constant displaying of advertisements and ads on the websites. They filter out the unwanted ads and aim to provide the improved uploading speeds. However, in turn, they are failing to do so.

Why Does AdBlock Slow Down Internet?

Adblock is one of the most commonly used ad blockers out there. The purpose it serves is to shield your computer system from constant pop-ups. Those popup ads might contain malware viruses that could possibly ruin your computer’s privacy and whatnot.

AdBlock, as we have already discussed is not supposed to negatively impact your browser speed. however, you might experience continuous delay at the beginning of opening up a new browser. Although, Adblock should not affect your network speeds.

Moreover, those initiating delays are due to the software program fetching your filter list. As soon as it fetches and goes through your filter list, you will be back at browsing smoothly with no further delays. How? As the downloading ads are prevented from appearing.

Adblock Consumes Too Much Memory:

Another factor that makes Adblock slow down your network speed is the adequate amount of memory it consumes. The vast number of ads constantly appearing on your Web indicates that your filter list has surpassed more than 100 MBs each. Filter list is the list of ad sources by which ads used to get blocked on our browser.

Upon opening the new browser, Adblock sufficiently loads all the filter lists along with the custom filters (if you had them in your memory). As we have discussed before, the webpages start to upload must faster after the Adblock starts up.

Although, that stresses an initial heavy hit on the computer’s memory resources. When multiple tabs are opened on a single browser, each tab starts to fetch the filter list which negatively affects your internet speed.

How To Fix Lagging Issue With Adblocker?

If you are facing persistent lagging with each tab and browse you open, go for the following easy steps.

Here is how you can optimize the speed of your Adblocker:

1) Close Multiple Tabs:

Try to keep the unwanted tabs closed while you are working on the different ones. As more tabs opened equal to more memory used.

2) Unsubscribe To Extra Filter Lists:

Make sure that you don’t unsubscribe enormous filter lists. They can subsequently consume your memory speed.


Adblock is itself a helping software program that secures your computer system. It is too far from harming your system in any way. However, browsing can get annoying. Therefore, AdBlock definitely would not harm the overall efficiency of your computer system except for a bit of slowdown in speed while browsing.

Adblock is a browser extension (A JavaScript code). Out of the browser, it can not have any subsequent effects on your computer system.

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