Fans Randomly Ramp Up: 3 Ways To Fix

fans randomly ramp up
fans randomly ramp up

Gaming PC is no joke and that is some serious processing power and hardware that you build to make it possible for you to play those extensive games on your PC. That power comes with certain factors that you need to be careful about and having the PC heat up is one of them.

The smarter processor and GPU you get, the more heat it will be producing as it will be processing a lot more information than your ordinary computer. You get to have different sort of fans for your CPU and GPU that will help you with dissipating all that heat and keep your hardware safe and cooler.

If you notice that your fans are randomly ramping up, here are a few things that you will need to take care of.

Fans Randomly Ramp Up

1) Disable Overclocking

These fans come with temperature sensors and if they notice that your hardware temperature is raising more than it should be, they will ramp up to efficiently achieve the optimal temperature on your CPU and GPU. That means, if your PC is overheating, the fans will automatically speed up a bit to cool it down in an efficient manner.

This can be caused if you are overclocking your GPU or CPU as that will cause the hardware to overheat and fans will have to overclock in order to ensure that they are cooling efficiently. To fix such problem, you will need to check if you are overclocking your hardware and disable it if you are.

Overclocking can cause the hardware to heat up more than it should and that will not only cause the fans to ramp up, but can also be dangerous for the hardware that you have on your PC and can damage it in the longer run, or reduce the longevity of your hardware certainly.

2) Enable fan smoothing

If you are not overclocking and the fans are randomly ramping up for no reason, you will need to check on the BIOS settings as well. There are quite a number of options on advanced CPUs and their BIOS and fan smoothing is one of them.

Fan smoothing clocks the fans at optimal speed so they can run constantly at the right speed to keep your PC cool and not let it heat up at the same time. You will need to access the BIOS and enable fan smoothing from there and that will definitely be helping you out perfectly in order to ensure that you don’t have to face any such problems later.

3) Increase fan Curve

There is also a possibility that your PC might be producing more heat than your fans can dissipate and that will cause them to ramp up.

The best way would be to increase the fan curve manually and adjust it to the right speed where they can work normally and you will be able to make sure that you don’t have to face such problems afterwards and that will be helping you out perfectly in sorting the problem for good.

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