DirecTV Satellite Box Over Temperature Limit: 3 Ways To Fix

directv satellite box over temperature limit
directv satellite box over temperature limit

DirecTV receivers and DVRs are designed to allow access to satellite channels. In addition, they allow the users to record the desired TV shows and movies. However, with constant working, users struggle with DirecTV satellite boxes over the temperature limit. For this reason, we are outlining the easiest solutions!

DirecTV Satellite Box Over Temperature Limit

1) Air Vents

Like every other electrical device, the DVRs and satellite boxes are designed with air vents. Over the course of time, these air vents can be clogged up by dust and dirt. This clogging can hinder the airflow and leads to overheating of the box. That being said, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve to clean the air vents. If you can see the air vents, simply blow into the vents and the dust will be brushed off.

However, if the dust built-up is excessive, you can use the vacuum cleaner for sucking out the dust and dirt. Some people use hair dryers but it’s not the right device as it thrusts the dust farther inside. Coming back to the point, place the vacuum cleaner’s head on the air vents and it will suck out the dust.

2) Placement

People hardly pay attention to where they place the satellite box. For instance, they place the satellite box in tight corners where there is no ventilation available. You must understand that these devices and boxes need proper ventilation to remain at a fair temperature. That being said, if you’ve placed the satellite box in a tight corner, just place it in an open space.

Secondly, some users also place the satellite box on top of other electronic devices. However, it’s an extremely wrong approach because it can result in rising temperatures. So, if you have placed the satellite box around multiple electronic devices, add some distance because it promises better ventilation. Also, never place your satellite box on top of other devices.

Thirdly, placement of the satellite box is all about ensuring proper surface. This is because if you place the satellite box on a soft surface, it can lead to insulation and the heat will be trapped. When the heat is trapped rather than being vented out, you will struggle with overheating issues. So, always place the satellite box on a hard surface to ensure there is no insulation.

3) Reboot

If the temperature is already off the charts, you can cool it down by rebooting the satellite box. For this purpose, you have to remove the power connection by disconnecting the cord. When the power cord is disconnected, wait for at least half an hour as it takes some time to cool down the temperature. Also, if it’s possible, you can place the satellite box under the fan for faster cooling down.

To summarize, these are some common reasons and solutions for the overheated satellite box. However, if the problem keeps recurring, there are chances of hardware issues with the satellite box. In that case, you should call customer support and ask for a replacement. Also, they are likely to propose free repair if the box is in warranty, so choose that suits you!

2 thoughts on “DirecTV Satellite Box Over Temperature Limit: 3 Ways To Fix”

  1. Just started getting overheat message, my receiver is wall mounted on wood shelf to right of wall mount tv, I checked ambient temp at receiver and at highest it’s only around 78 F, I elevated couple inches off shelf, checked vents, still got another overheat message. Do you have any other suggestions? Defective receiver? Thanks

  2. Chris, which box do you have? I have a couple of HR24-100s that have had this issue over the years but I have managed to keep them both going even though both are likely over a decade old. If you have an HR24, there are basically three things you can do. #1, you can call DIRECTV, they will send you out a replacement unit and you will lose all programming stored on your DVR. #2, you can open the case to add a little oil to the cooling fan and blow everything out with compressed air (this seems to work a lot of the time) #3, you can open the case and replace the old HDD with a new 2TB version which will increase your storage exponentially but will also run cooler and quieter than your old HDD. If you have programming that you absolutely want to keep yet also want the HDD replaced, there is a company that will move your stored programs over to a new HDD and send it back to you for a fee. Just google it and I’m sure you’ll find it. Anyway, good luck!

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