4 Ways To Fix Error_Fail_Get_WAN_Settings


Linksys routers are pretty great in terms of durability and their configuration settings along with the optimization are second to none. That leaves it a rare chance that anything might ever go wrong on these routers and if there is any such problem, it can be fixed easily.

Sometimes, you will be able to see an error message stating Error_fail_get_WAN_settings. This is not uncommon as this error message is not associated with a specific problem only but it can be triggered by several factors. So, if you are seeing that error message on your screen, here are a few things that you must check.

How To Fix Error_Fail_Get_WAN_Settings?

1. Check the Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons for this error message to show up on your screen is that your internet connection might be down or there are some issues or problems that your computer is facing while trying to connect with the internet. To fix this, make sure that your internet connection is not only connected to the router but that you are also getting the appropriate coverage for your router to operate in the right manner. You can try connecting some other device on the same router and that will help you figure out if you are getting the right internet coverage.

2. Check Connected Network

There are chances that you might be connected to some other Wi-Fi network on your PC and you might not realize it while trying to access the router configuration page. To have this problem fixed, check the network bar and make sure that you are connected to the right network that is from Linksys router and that will help you get the right access to your Linksys router configuration page where you can manage all the settings that you need to.

3. Get Rid of VPN

Also, sometimes the VPN is the culprit as it will mask the traffic that is on your PC and the Router might think that it is from some device that might not be on the network. That way, the router login page will not work and you will be seeing the above error message on your screen. To get that issue fixed, you will need to make sure that any VPN application or extension that you might have been using is disabled and that you are not using any DNS settings that might be re-routing the traffic or masking the IP address. This will help you solve the issue most of the time.

It would be better to clear cache/cookies on your browser as well and to restart the browser once after disabling the VPN and that will do the trick for you.

4. Contact Linksys Support

The most uncommon reason for this problem is that your Linksys account might have been suspended by them due to some reasons. You should contact the Linksys Support department and they will be able to explain if your account is suspended and also elaborate the reason for you. You can get the right guidance from them to have your account reinstated and that will make you get rid of this error message.

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