Will A New Router Improve My WiFi? (Answered)

Will A New Router Improve My WiFi
Will A New Router Improve My WiFi

The Wi-Fi systems are pretty recent but not too recent that there cannot be enough innovations and advancements during these years. Using the old or outdated Wi-Fi router can adversely impact the signal strength. However, replacing the wireless router with an advanced router will help enhance the signal, but is that for sure? The answer is pretty complex and requires multiple explanations.

In this article, we are sharing different things that will help you find the answer to the question that if a new router can help in improving the Wi-Fi signals. This is because outdated Wi-Fi router might be working just fine but using a new one can enhance the Wi-Fi connectivity and signals.

You might have multiple devices connected to offer wireless internet connection, and you must never try to use the outdated router because the internet connection will be tarnished.

Will A New Router Improve My WiFi?

Is the New Router Integral?

There are many instances when people aren’t investing in a new router simply because they think internet connection is solid and strengthened on every connected device. This is the main reason that most people are still using the outdated internet connection and infrastructures instead of opting for the new router.

There are high chances that you might be perfectly alright with Wi-Fi signals, but no matter how fast your internet is, it can always be enhanced and improved. Using the new router will help improve reliability and increase wireless coverage by offering high chances.

During all these years, you might have changed multiple mobile phones and laptops, but changing the router is always overlooked because you kept it in the attic.

You need to acknowledge the fact that all your devices are running the internet on all your devices through this router.

You might think that using the old router is alright and using some DIY tips, you might be able to enhance the Wi-Fi signals strength on a temporary basis. So, using the new router will offer better support for wireless internet connection.

This is because using a new router will ensure lesser hindrance and interruption in signal strength and increase the speed of the internet. Even more, when you are using the gaming consoles, smartphone, laptop, streaming box, or any other device, the outdated router will work adversely.

This is one of the prime reasons that Netflix users cannot stream movies and TV shows with an old router.

Choosing The Right Wireless Standard For Wi-Fi Router

Before you start pondering if the new router will promise strong Wi-Fi signals, you need to see if your wireless standards are being supported by the Wi-Fi providers. However, you can easily check for this support as there are multiple options to attain that. There are some routers that have their support standards written on the router for effective communication.

Furthermore, if you cannot find the support standards written at the bottom of the router, it is for sure that they will be imprinted on the router box. But as a user, you don’t need to worry about anything because model numbers are always written on the routers and by entering the model number in the search engine, you will be able to look up for wireless standards other features.

The Process For Finding The Right Wireless Standard For Device

The advancement of technology can be witnessed everywhere and it is explanatory on modern devices as well. The modern mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are highly likely to support 802.11ac. Currently, there are high chances that you need to have 802.11n wireless standard for your device at this point.

So, if you are using the advanced devices with 802.11ac support, using the outdated router seems absurd, right? It is better to use the router that supports the device and for that, you need to comply with wireless standards and infrastructures. If you need to look up for wireless standards, you need to look for it through the search engine or model number.

With all this discussion, it is essential to say that a new router will improve the Wi-Fi signal strength and speed for sure. There is no doubt that an outdated router might be working for you but to enhance the speed and reliability, using a new router will help. Now, let’s have a look at multiple factors that can affect the speed of the internet and Wi-Fi signals!

1. Size

When you have the Wi-Fi connection, you need to have in-depth information about the bandwidth being currently used. If you don’t know what bandwidth is, it is the number that is advertised by the ISP regarding the internet speed. The pipeline size is the Mbps; some people are using 1000 Mbps as well. The size of the pipeline will directly impact the flow of internet signals and data.

In addition, the increased bandwidth or pipeline size promises that higher data flow is promised and if the pipeline size is reduced, the data might clog up. While looking for the size of the pipeline, you need to analyze the download and upload speed as well because these factors will positively impact the internet speed.

2. Data Flow Speed

In the technological terms, data flow speed is known as latency which determines how faster the data is transferred from the origin and to reach the server where it is intended to. In addition, if the data is transferring easily and quickly, the latency rate will be low and the connection will be faster. In contrast, if the data is clogged up, the latency rate will be higher and the internet connection will be slower.

3. Leaks

If you are going through slow internet speed, you need to check for leaks in the pipeline and it defines the internet connection’s reliability. If you are going through a slow internet connection, there are high chances of packet loss as it tends to slow down the internet connection.

As a computer user, you will be able to sense the packet loss. This packet loss will result in data transfer issues. So, just make sure that there are no packet losses in the internet connection because it saves the bandwidth and ensures higher internet speed.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt in saying that the new router will promisingly help in enhancing the Wi-Fi signals. However, before you opt for a new router, try to analyze the factors that we have mentioned above!

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