Arris Surfboard SBG6400 WiFi Problems – Explained

arris surfboard sbg6400 wifi problems
arris surfboard sbg6400 wifi problems

Arris surfboard SBG6400 WiFi Problems

A router/modem manufactured by the critically acclaimed networking company ARRIS is a very good product.

It employs a similar radio wave technology but the radio signal sent by it is stronger and faster than your typical router. It’s good for gaming, streaming, and anything that requires a fast internet connection.

But like many other routers, it has its issues. Its WiFi router being a major disappointment. Even the company behind this product has admitted to it being a pretty basic and substandard component.

Some of the common WiFi-related problems that an Arris surfboard SBG6400 suffers from are detailed below.


The interference that occurs due to other devices poses a huge problem to an SBG6400 WiFi.

what is interference?

In this context, the interference refers to channel traffic. For example, an SBG6400 has two built-in channels, a 2.4 GHz and a 5 GHz channel. But most home-based routers and other similar appliances work on a 2.4 GHz frequency bandwidth.

So if you have two or more such appliances operating on this particular bandwidth and your SBG6400 is also operating on a similar frequency then the channel becomes too congested.

Thus due to this congestion, the WiFi signal will take longer periods to travel and as a result, your internet connection will slow down.

A simple solution to this problem is changing your router’s bandwidth to 5 GHz and make sure it doesn’t go down to 2 GHz.


Sadly although the SBG6400 operates through fast-moving radio waves, these are at the end still similar in composition to other radio waves. Meaning they suffer from the same limitations.

These limitations that limit the WiFi connection are material obstructions.

If your router is placed in a populated area, its surroundings that are filled with buildings, cars, and other materials will weaken the radio waves as they pass through them. And when these radio waves finally reach their destination they would have lost a lot of mass thus you will have a weak internet connection.

Other connection problems

Other than the two main issues, the WiFi router can malfunction due to other reasons. These issues can be solved with troubleshooting. For example, if your WiFi is not working properly you can unplug the router then restart it.

Another technique involves confirming the working quality of your device. You can check that by connecting multiple devices with your router. If only one of them shows a problem then the issue is with that particular device, not the WiFi router.

Performing a factory reset is also a viable solution to solving your WiFi connection issues. On the back of an SBG6400, you can locate the reset button. Carefully with the help of a paperclip press and hold the reset button inside the switch hole. Pressing the button for 5 to 10 seconds will do the job.

WMM Power Save support is a built-in feature that limits certain WiFi related functions. Disabling WMM Power will allow more WiFi traffic thus speeding up your internet connection.

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