Does The Dell OptiPlex 760 Have WiFi? (Answered)

does the dell optiplex 760 have wifi
does the dell optiplex 760 have wifi

Does The Dell OptiPlex 760 Have WiFi?

Dell OptiPlex is one of the most extensively used business computers and is very popular among the businessmen. When it comes to Dell OptiPlex 760, yes, this Dell model may have WiFi. However, you would still need to do some settings and changes with its built-in WiFi adaptor settings.

Remember that not every, but a very few collections of desktops come with wireless adapters preinstalled just like Dell. They are always present there as cards. If you are willing to connect them to your network via your WiFi, you would have to get your hands on either a WiFi expansion card or a WiFi USB dongle.

Although it is fairly possible to have WiFi drivers already installed in the Dell PCs to have access to wireless internet connections—WiFi. With a bit of setting, you would almost be there!

Ways To Connect Dell OptiPlex 760 To WiFi:

Everyone wants their connection to be much stable and conveniently connected and for which you must have WiFi adaptors installed already in your PC’s system. As Dell OptiPlex 760 comes with an optional wireless card which makes it possible for these PCs to connect to the wireless network. However, it still is in doubt if your Dell OptiPlex 760 has wireless adaptors as standard equipment. While some believed that Dell has stopped manufacturing designs of OptiPlex with built-in WiFi adaptors AFTER WINDOWS 7. But that remained a diagnosed issue with people’s devices and wireless settings.

Do This If You Have WiFi Adaptor Settings:

To get your Dell PC connected with a wireless internet connection, first of all, you would need to look for the proper WiFi and adaptor settings in your Dell PC. Not all, but few Dell PCs definitely have some of these.

Go to the Start menu from your PC and click on the Device Manager. Go to the +sign shown after you select the Network Adaptors option from the Device Manager. If you find “WiFi For Desktop” settings there, it means that there is a preinstalled network adaptor.

However, if you don’t see it then you might witness IEEE 802.11 written under the continued list which would be displaying that your PC is compatible with connecting to the LAN network. One thing you would need to do is get a wireless network adaptor for your Dell PC.

Use External Adaptor To Connect To WiFi With Dell Optiplex 700:

You need an external wireless adapter if your Dell OptiPlex 760 doesn’t stay compatible with having built-in WiFi adaptors. These adapters simply connect your Dell PC to WiFi via your desktop’s USB ports which is why you are preferably referred to the hardware needs from a trustworthy retailer.

Now after having the USB port plugged to the external adopter, you must have all other important drivers installed in your PC to support the connection of the adaptor. You can also install them according to the compatibility with your device.

Drivers installed successfully? Now restart your Dell OptiPlex 700 PC and manually connect the wireless connection—WiFi using both the ways discussed above.

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