Huawei H350G Home Center Review 2022

huawei h350g home center review
huawei h350g home center review

Huawei H350G Home Center Review:

The Straight Talk’s Huawei H350G home center is a wireless device that provides you with the internet and a home phone service. It’s a very good replacement for any other internet service due to it being a two in one thing.

Straight Talk provides you with purchasable packages, for example, a 15 dollar unlimited local calling unlimited long-distance package. It will effectively allow you to dump your previously owned telephone all due to the H350G’s versatility.

A Huawei H350G home center is a mobile phone shaped like a modem. Where you can buy call and internet packages for a subscription. The device is black colored with some icons etched onto its surface. These icons light up and occasionally blink to convey some meaning. For example, there is an icon in the shape of a globe surrounded by a ring that lights up indicating the availability of an internet connection. Similarly, there is an icon for calling, signals, power, voicemail, and Bluetooth.

On the backside, the device comes with two mounting holes which can be used to fix it on a straight wall or a cupboard.

There are two jacks for your phone lines, meaning you can use up to two phones.


The design is very simplistic yet elegant. It’s thin and light, so it can be placed anywhere.


Huawei H350G home center comes with a power cord, a signal antenna, and a battery. The battery provides a 2 hour running time. Its advised that you use your H350G plugged in with the power cord and use the battery in a long drive or during a power outage.


The Huawei H350G home center is Verizon supported only. Even though it’s just this single company, the signal coverage it provides is phenomenal. Even with a single network bar the voice at the other end of your call will always ring clear like a bell.


Similar to how you activate a mobile phone package, you will visit the Straight Talk website and activate your call and internet package for the Huawei H350G home center. But keep in mind they will ask you for the serial number written on the back of your device.

The website’s interface is user-friendly and will take you at most two minutes to be finished with everything.

Call quality and network connection

The Huawei H350G home center is a modem and phone, it provides you with a swift network connection and its call service is top-notch. No lagging, no voice distortion, everything is butter smooth.


Although the Huawei H350G home center is a very useful device that does a lot of things perfectly. But like everything else it has its shortcomings.

One of them is the data package. If you are streaming Netflix or watching a movie online, your internet data will be consumed at blinding speeds. Also unlike the call service, it does have occasional hiccups in buffering speed when watching a YouTube video.

Another thing this device is lacking is battery time. With only two hours of juice, it’s too little to do anything.

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