Does Sprint Use AT&T Towers: Explained

does sprint use at&t towers
does sprint use at&t towers

There has always been this intense competition between distinct carriers nationwide in America. From years and years, these network carriers have tried to attract their subscribers with the number of budget-friendly offers. Although, the top carriers in America such as AT&T and Sprint have now merged which made it possible for their customers to use Sprint Towers for their AT&T phones. The ever-evolving flexibility and compatibility have resulted in the merger of these two telecommunication carriers.

Now after the merger, the customers from both of the carriers are quite compatible with using both the cell phone towers to get the most out of wireless internet connection. In this article, we have pinpointed almost every aspect briefly for the AT&T and Sprint subscribers to ponder upon after the massive merger that has taken place recently. The benefits and effects on the users are described sufficiently.

Sprint And AT&T Customers:

To all the current users of a Sprint or AT&T brand, you all might be wondering how is this merger influence you. The prescribed details given here are purely based on direct communication with the tech experts involved in the merger. So, AT&T has claimed that this acquisition would likely foster the entire network coverage as well as the data speeds for American wireless internet users. However, a close reminder reflects the views of critics that state that there would be no transparent way for holding the carriers accountable to their promises. Besides, according to tech critics, the pricing might be increased with time.

As of now, both of the cellphone brands are willing to continue with their coexistence separately. However, Sprint customers have the leverage to change nothing at all from their plans. They wouldn’t need to alter their stores as well as the networks. Why? Because they are still separate. Although, every possible data plan from Sprint would likely be moved over to AT&T.

Sprint Phones Are Partially Compatible With AT&T:

Sprint is a CDMA-based network, while the AT&T uses GSM network. Factually, both of these carriers become quite hard to be compatible enough for each other when it comes to running them smoothly. Therefore, your Sprint phone won’t work on any other wireless carriers, such as AT&T. One must keep in mind that buying a brand new phone from Sprint won’t make it compatible enough to work on AT&T’s network just because AT&T is the new acquirer.

However, the good news is that AT&T has claimed that the compatibility would start working on all the unified GSM-based devices nearly. As a result, new phones from both of the brands would start to work efficiently.

Does Sprint Use AT&T Towers?

By now, we have a fair idea of the merger that has taken place between the AT&T and the Sprint. Under the merger, Sprint Towers can easily be used for AT&T phones. Both the brands have come in close contact when it comes to their carrier towers. The biggest advantage would go out for their customers and the investors. How? The merger would create a big hike in the number of subscribers all around the USA.

At this point in the merger, the customers of both of the brands seem quite confused about whether they belong to Sprint or AT&T. Although the customers belonging to both of the brands coexist.

To make it simple, we would say that if you are a Sprint subscriber, you would still be eligible enough to use Sprint’s network. Similarly, if you have subscribed to AT&T, you are using the AT&T network. This explanation makes it quite clear that whichever network you are subscribed to; is the network you would be known for.


The above description pretty much described that the Sprint subscribers that have a location in those areas where Sprint does not have LTE coverage would eventually switch and use AT&T’s LTE network by connecting to their towers. Thus, the vice versa would be applicable as well while you are on AT&T in less than a week. We can evaluate that the merger has somewhat brought a fair touch of flexibility for the Sprint and AT&T users as they wouldn’t have to rush between both of the brands’ carrier towers to have the best cell phone coverage.

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