Can A Bad Ethernet Cable Cause Lag?

can a bad ethernet cable cause lag
can a bad ethernet cable cause lag

Using your internet connection to watch movies and play video games in your free time can be fun. This helps users in having an enjoyable experience and you can get access to tons of other features as well. Although, most of these usually depend on your ISP services.

Almost all the companies even give their users the option to select from different packages. All of these have different bandwidth limits on them and you can even alter the speeds for your connection. While having a stable internet connection at your house can be fun. It can be frustrating if you run into problems with it.

Can A Bad Ethernet Cable Cause Lag?

While playing games or watching shows, you might sometimes get lag on your connection. This means that your ping is high and your game starts to get packet loss. Alternatively, for movies that you are streaming, these can start to buffer a lot.

Additionally, your connection will have a hard time trying to load up things which can result in making you quite annoyed. There are many reasons why you can get lag on your connection. Considering this, one of the most asked questions is ‘can a bad ethernet connection cause lag’. The short answer for this is ‘yes’.

If the ethernet cable that you are using has become damaged then it can start to cause lag on your device. Aside from this, even if you use a low-quality ethernet cable then you will experience a lot of lag on your system. In some cases, your internet connection might even start to stop functioning completely.

How to Identify?

The best method to identify if there is a problem with your cable is to check it manually. You can take off the wire and then examine if there are any damages to it. If there are any then you will most likely be required to replace them. Alternatively, users can also connect their devices through a spare wire.

If the connection starts working without any problems then your old ethernet wire has most likely become faulty. When trying to purchase a new ethernet wire, you should make sure that the brand you are selecting Is well known. This will help you in getting a cable that will last you a much longer time than usual. Aside from this, even the speeds for your internet can vary if the quality of your wire is good.

Preventing Wire from Getting Damaged

Lastly, you should consider some things while using a wired connection. Ethernet wires can get damaged easily if there are too many bends in them. Additionally, if you place a weight on them accidentally or step on them then the small wires in them can get damaged as well.

This is why you must route your ethernet wire in such a way that the wire has no bents in it. Even if some are required then keep in mind that these should not be too sharp. This will help in preventing any future problems or issues regarding your wire.

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