Can I Move My Modem To Any Cable Jack? – 3 Elements To Look For

can i move my modem to any cable jack
can i move my modem to any cable jack

A reliable and fast-speed internet connection has become a necessity for everyone because everything literally depends on the internet connection. For the same reason, the Wi-Fi signal dead zone is one of the most significant issues. This is why many people ask if they can move the modem to any cable jack to enhance the internet performance. With this article, you will be able to find the right information about it!

Can I Move My Modem To Any Cable Jack?

Yes, you can move the modem to any cable jack, which means you can also take your modem to a different room, and it will help get a better internet signal. However, there are various factors that you should consider, such as;

1. Modem/Router Combination

In case you are using a combination device that works as a modem as well as a router, you won’t have to worry about the placement or positioning of the device. This is because you will only have one box, and one phone line will be associated. The internet signals are directed to smaller sockets that convert the phone line, and it splits the internet, which means you can make calls while using the internet. In addition, you will be able to see the cable from your phone lines and go into a splitter.

It will come out in different colors into the modem/router combo’s back. This cable jack will be labeled as ADSL, broadband, internet, DSL, and fiber, depending on which type of internet connection you are using. In case you want to shift this combo to a new room, you must invest in a long cable, such as RJ-11, to make sure it runs in one length. In addition to this, you cannot connect the Ethernet cable to the phone socket because of the different shapes of endpin connectors.

2. Coaxial Cables

When it comes down to the old models, you might be able to connect your modem to the wall socket with the help of a coaxial cable. To begin with, you need to check there is a coax socket available in the other room, and you must check if it operates or functions by connecting it to your modem. Consequently, you can unscrew the modem from the primary installation panel for shifting it to the other room. If not, you will need to opt for a longer cable and connect it to the router.

While you are connecting the coaxial cables, you must check the female and male ends of the cable to make sure it’s connected in the right port. On the other hand, if you cannot get your hands on a longer coaxial cable, you can opt for a coax extension pin as it doesn’t require a longer cable.

3. Separate Router & Modem

There are some internet service providers that provide a different internet connection with different routers and modems. The modem is designed to bring internet to the home, but the router is designed to disperse the internet signals among wireless as well as wired devices. The modem works with the primary telephone line.

The modem and router are connected through an Ethernet cable which connects with the WAN port of the router. For the most part, this particular cable is the ultimate limitation of moving the modem to a different room or another cable jack. So, we suggest that you invest in a longer Ethernet cable.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind

If you are ready to move the modem to a different cable jack or to another room, we are sharing some factors that you must consider;

  • You must inspect all the cables to make sure you connect your cables to the right jacks. It will help ensure a proper connection without causing any connectivity issues
  • Always check the cables and make sure that they aren’t damaged because it can directly impact the cable functionality and signal distribution
  • Always read the cable jack’s labels to ensure proper connectivity

On a concluding note, it’s possible to move the modem to a cable jack and shift the modem to your room. However, if you cannot perform this, you can invest in a network switch, powerline connections, and wireless access points to make sure the internet connection is optimized.

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