DirecTV Resolution Keeps Changing: 6 Ways To Fix

directv resolution keeps changing
directv resolution keeps changing

DirecTV is the prime choice for everyone who needs seamless access to on-demand channels and TV. In addition, DirecTV offers a variety of TV shows and movie channels, along with the news. On the other hand, if people use the receiver, some of them have DirecTV resolution keeps changing issue. So, we are sharing the easy troubleshooting methods to follow for fixing this issue!

DirecTV Resolution Keeps Changing

1) Warm-Up

When it comes down to the resolution issue, there are chances that your TV needs the warm-up or the reboot. In this case, you need to press the switch off button on your receiver remote and it will switch on the TV. Then, you need to wait for around five seconds and press the switch on the button on the receiver’s remote. Once the receiver switches on, there will be no resolution issue.

2) Firmware

Surely, you are using the smart TV and these TVs come with regular firmware updates. With this being said, if there is a dated firmware on the TV, it will adversely impact the resolution. So, we suggest that you check for the latest firmware for your TV and download it for optimizing the resolution issue.

3) HD Settings

In case the resolution keeps changing while using DirecTV, there are chances of wrong settings set on the TV. Consequently, you need to set the HD settings. For this purpose, you need to hold the exit button for around five seconds and it will open a new pop-up on the screen. This message means that the resolution has been set to HD settings, promising zero adverse impact on resolution.

4) Video Settings

In addition to the HD settings on the TV, the resolution issue can be fixed by changing the video settings to the native ones. The native video setting actually optimizes the video according to the signals. The native video settings can be optimized by opening the setup on the receiver. On top of everything, the native video settings ensure that the resolution is optimized according to the program.

5) Video Format

When it comes down to the resolution, you need to understand that video format plays an integral role. To be honest, the suitable video format depends on the TV that you are using. That’s to say because some TVs have 1080p and some have 720p as the original format. So, we suggest that you check the suitable video format, such as 1080p or 720p. With this being said, just set the suitable video format and the resolution issue will be taken care of.

6) Cables

If the video format and video settings didn’t fix the resolution issues on DirecTV, there might be something wrong with the cables. One needs to keep in mind that you need to use HDMI cables because they are suitable for the videos. The HDMI cables must have a top-notch quality. In addition to the quality of HDMI cables, make sure that the cables are inserted securely and tightly. Lastly, there must be no fraying or damage in the cables; if there is some damage, replace the cable to fix the resolution issues!

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  1. On my XCIPTV below I find problems with the spinning wheel that occur frequently. As a layman in the field I suspect and may be wrong that it has to do with the statement between the HDMi output mode and the HDMI color space and depth. On the HDMI output mode the following choices are available:

    DMI output mode the following choices are available:
    AUTO, 480p, 576p, 720p 50hz, 720p 60hz, 1080p 24hz, 1080p 50hz, 1080p 60hz, 1080i 50hz and 1080i 60hz
    On the HDMI color and depth the following choices are available:
    As already mentioned I am ignorant and looking for expert advice on making the right selections in this regard.

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