DirecTV Resolution Not Supported: 3 Ways To Fix

directv resolution not supported
directv resolution not supported

DirecTV is one of the most preferred choices for people who need TV bundles and packages. With this being said, they have designed several features for people who need streamlined entertainment. However, some users are struggling with the DirecTV resolution not supported issue. So, in this article, we are sharing everything we know about this error and how one can fix it!

DirecTV Resolution Not Supported

1) The TV

Whenever some DirecTV user has resolution not supported error, they need to understand that majority of these issues are caused by the TV. Usually, the error occurs with the Vizio TV. However, it can also occur with other Smart TVs. So, we suggest that you reset the resolution on the TV. If you don’t know how to reset the resolution on your TV, we have lined out the steps that you need to follow, such as;

  • First of all, open the menu by pressing the remote control and navigate to settings from the menu
  • Now, click on the system options and move to the screen aspect ration & high-definition
  • The new window will appear and you need to select the desired settings, such as;
  • 4:3 is the standard option that’s suitable for regular TVs
  • 16:9 is a suitable setting for widescreen TVs
  • Enhanced definition for the high-definition TVs, such as 720p
  • 1080i for the widescreen TVs that have 1080p wide resolutions
  • Choose the desired settings that are compliant with your TV and hit the continue button
  • Now, click on the keep setting option

These steps will ensure that you’ve selected the right resolution. Now, you need to open the Format tab from the menu and switch off the native option. These settings will ensure that you get the supported resolution. As far as the resolution is concerned, we suggest using the 1080p settings.


While using the DirecTV packages and plans on the HD DVR, you need to be extremely mindful of the HDMI ports. This is because the right and wrong ports will directly influence the resolution settings. With this being said, if you were previously using port one, opt for port two or port five. In case your DVR doesn’t have the number, plug the cords into the satellite port and it will probably resolve the resolution issue.

In addition to the HDMI port, you need to make sure that you need to use the HDMI cables. These cables are perfect for TV. This is primarily because HDMI cables promise precise and high-end picture quality and you won’t have the resolution issue either. So, just change the cables if you are using low-quality cables.

3) Reset

This might be cliché but it promises streamlined issue-resolving in the majority of cases. So, if you are struggling with the resolution not supported issue, we suggest that you reset everything. Keep in mind that you need to plug out everything, such as TV, DVR, modem, speakers, router, and everything else. Keep them off for around five minutes and plug them back in. This reset will positively influence the resolution issue.

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