DirecTV: Acquiring Guide Data 772 Message (5 Ways To Fix)

acquiring guide data 772 message
acquiring guide data 772 message

For every DirecTV user out there, having access to unlimited media, TV shows, and on-demand TV is a normal thing. Every DirecTV user has a receiver for optimizing the connection. However, some of the receivers are struggling with acquiring guide data 772 message on the screen and it restricts the streaming. So, we have some easy fixes for you!

Acquiring Guide Data 772 Message

What is 772 Message?

If you are receiving the 722 message on the DirecTV receiver, it is basically the indication that the programming information has been corrupted and misinterpreted. However, there is nothing extreme to worry about because you can fix it by following the easy hacks below;

1) Reset

The first thing you need to do is reset the receiver. The DVR can be reset by pressing the red button on the receiver; usually available at the back of the receiver or the side. When you press the reset button, it will take around ten minutes for completing. In addition, live TV might not be available for an hour but the message will be fixed!

2) Signal

If the reset is not working out the message error, there are high chances that there are signal issues in the receiver. In simpler words, the receiver is not receiving the signals as it’s supposed to which can lead to the programming file issue. With this being said, you need to change the location of the receiver where it will receive optimal and strong signals.

In addition, if there are frequency obstructions around the receiver, it can disrupt the signals as well. For instance, there might be a router, microwave, and TV around the receiver. So, it’s better to change the location of the receiver where there are no frequency issues.

3) Satellite Signals

If the receiver is already in the optimal position, you need to check the satellite signals and their strength. You need to keep in mind that the satellite signal strength must be higher than eighty-five. These signals are for 101 channel on the satellite. So, check the signals.

4) Network Tuner

When it comes down to the Dish receivers, they have designed with the network tuner and is responsible for receiving the guide data. With this being said, you need to check the network tuner as it’s supposed to. First of all, you need to press the guide button and the right arrow on the front panel. It will bring out the test menu, so choose the coax network from the menu. This will tune up the network and reconfigure for better performance.

5) Customer Support

If nothing is helping fix the acquiring guide data 772 message while you are using Dish receiver, there are chances of something bad going on at the backend. With this being said, we suggest that you call Dish at the customer support number and share the issue with them. They will observe your network and share better insights into the issue. Also, if there are backend network issues, they will inform you about that as well, so you can simply wait!

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