4 Ways To Fix DirecTV Your Account Is Only Authorized For 0 Locations

directv your account is only authorized for 0 locations
directv your account is only authorized for 0 locations

DirecTV has got to be the ultimate choice for everyone who loves to stream TV channels, movies, and shows. There are multiple plans and packages to choose from that allow the users to choose the one that caters to their needs.

However, DirecTV users are struggling with the “DirecTV your account is only authorized for 0 locations” issue. So, if you have a similar issue, we have all the troubleshooting methods you need!

How To Fix DirecTV Your Account Is Only Authorized For 0 Locations?

1. Clients Issue

For everyone who is struggling with this error message, there are higher chances that the clients have been deleted from the account. In some cases, this error occurs with the advent of a software update but it fixed up after some time. So, we suggest that you wait for some time and the issue will be fixed. In case the issue doesn’t go away after some time, you could try calling DirecTV.

When you call DirecTV and share your issue with them, it’s highly likely that they will check the client status on your account. With this being said, they can also activate the clients on the DirecTV account and the issues will be fixed in no time.

2. Receiver

If you are unable to get rid of this issue by getting the clients active, we suggest taking the matter into your own hands. In this case, you need to write down the card ID and the serial number of the receivers. Then, call DirecTV support and they will check the serial numbers for you. The issue usually occurs when you don’t buy the receiver from DirecTV and rather opt for cheap ones from eBay.

Once you share this scenario with them, DirecTV will send the box in which you need to store all those cheap receivers and send it to them. Once DirecTV receives the receivers, they will establish the service and connection for you, hence no errors.

3. Reset

Well, this might be the simplest yet the most effective troubleshooting method for fixing the location issue on the DirecTV account. With this being said, just switch off the receivers and DVR by taking out the power cords. Once you take out the power cords, wait for five minutes before plugging in the cords. Once the connection is established, you will be able to connect to the DVR and DirecTV without any issue.

4. TV Reset

In addition to the DirecTV and DVR reset, you could try resetting the TV as well. In this case, take out the power cord of your TV or you could also press and hold the power button for around sixty seconds. Once the TV switches off, wait for ten minutes, and plug in the power cord again. After switching on the TV, just connect the DirecTV and DVR and you will be able to use the services.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the issue is usually caused by the client activation issue on your account. So, once you ask DirecTV customer service and they activate the clients, you will be able to use DirecTV. But again, we have added various troubleshooting methods to help you get back on track with the entertainment needs.

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