T-Mobile AutoPay Not Working? Try These 3 Methods

t mobile autopay not working
t mobile autopay not working

T-Mobile is one of the most reliable network service providers out there, and they have surely outdone themselves with high-quality and reliable internet plans. In addition, they have a promising range of innovative features available to make sure the user experience is improved. One such feature is AutoPay, and when T-Mobile AutoPay does not work issue occurs, we are sharing a troubleshooting guide with you!

T-Mobile AutoPay Not Working

To begin with, AutoPay has been designed as a free service that allows the company to deduct payments automatically from their credit card. In addition, it can deduct the monthly charges from the bank account that you have connected to your network account for paying the T-Mobile bills. So, if the AutoPay stops working, you can try a few solutions!

1. Call The Customer Support

The first solution to fixing the AutoPay issue is to call customer support at 1-800-937-8997. This customer support number is the toll-free number, and you can call the number with whichever phone number is available. In addition, you can use the non-T-Mobile number to call customer support. Once you call them, just enter the T-Mobile number, and you will be automatically redirected to the customer agent.

When you are connected to customer support, just share the problem with them, and they will handle the problem. In particular, customer support will get the payment information from you, enter it manually, and deduct the payment from the connected account. In addition, the customer support team can help set up the Auto-Pay as well.

2. Check The Credit Card

It is needless to say you have to connect AutoPay with a credit card to make sure the payments are automatically deducted whenever the bill is initiated. However, the AutoPay may not work when the credit card number is incorrect. So, open the account and recheck the credit card number to make sure it is correct.

On the other hand, if the credit card number is correct, but the AutoPay still won’t work, you need to check and ensure the credit card is valid. If the credit card is invalid or has expired, you can simply enter a new credit card number to ensure the payments are streamlined. In case you don’t know how to check the credit card number, follow the below-mentioned instructions, such;

  • First of all, open the T-Mobile official website
  • When the website opens up, tap on the “My Account” button
  • Scroll down to the profile and move to bill & payments
  • Then, click on the AutoPay
  • Scroll through the menu and click on “My Wallet”
  • From this tab, you will be able to check the credit card number and change it

3. Delete The Credit Card

The last solution to fix the AutoPay feature is to delete the credit card. In particular, you need to open the T-Mobile account and delete the old credit card. Once the credit card is deleted, enter information about the new credit card and save the settings. Then, just enable the AutoPay feature, and you will be able to make bill payments automatically!

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