Cox Installation Fee Waived – Is It Possible?

cox installation fee waived
cox installation fee waived

The internet has become an absolute necessity because people need entertainment. In the same way, Cox has become the preferred choice. In this case, one needs to consider the extra fees, such as the installation fees. So, if you are wondering about the Cox installation fee waived, we have added possible methods in this article!

Cox Installation Fee Waived

Take-No-Prisoners Negotiation Approach

If you have chosen Cox’s services for your needs, we are pretty sure that you have been overwhelmed with the huge fees. With this being said, you can get the installed fee waived by talking to the customer support. It is suggested that you call Cox and subtly ask for the service cancellation. Once you ask about the service cancellation, there are higher chances that they will direct you to the retention center.

Once you are directed to the retention center, they will probably ask for the reason for this cause. It is better that you tell them about the huge installation fee. With this being said, they will either wave off the installation fee or reduce it.

The Official Money-Saving Policies

While dealing with Cox, you should try getting in contact with the sales representative and ask them about the installation fees. There are chances that you will need the final clarification because you are going to pay the bill, overall. As for the installation fee, there is a self-installation at the cost of $20 for one-time charges.

If you opt for self-installation, Cox will send all the instructions and manual along with the equipment. With this being said, you will need to install and set up the hardware on your own.

Cox’s Bluff

When the customer representatives direct you to the retention department, you need to be clear and simple with them. In this case, you should tell them that the high rates are bugging you. If necessary, you can say these things again and again. In the same vein, you should keep reminding them about the excellent customer that you are.

So, if they are considerate about it, the fee will be waived, and you can run on the merrier way. On the other hand, if they aren’t listening to you, just make your point that you will switch to some other service and drop the call. In the majority of cases, they are calling a bluff, but once you drop the call, they are highly likely to make a follow-up call.

Usually, they will take around two days and lose the sternness to make sure they get to keep you as the customer. Subsequently, they will waive off or at least lower the installation fees.

What If Everything Fails?

So, if you are a new customer and haven’t used their services for a long time, there are chances that they won’t be threatened by the leaving thing. Well, in this case, you will need to pay the installation fee if you don’t want to leave the service or switch to some other service provider!

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