What Is CenturyLink Loyalty Discount?

centurylink loyalty discount
centurylink loyalty discount

CenturyLink is one of the best internet services you can get out there. With millions of subscribers and consumers around the US, they are running a phenomenal network out there that is hardly ever down and lives up to your expectations and needs most of the time. Their network is popular among consumers for tons of reasons including the level of service, excellent standards of support, and some great packages. However, most people might not know about this but they also give out discounts that you can take advantage of. There are some great loyalty discounts that you can enjoy if you know the following.

CenturyLink Loyalty Discount

What are the discounts?

There is no fixed policy on the discount or amount you can get by CenturyLink for your loyalty. These are a great way for customer retention and probably the main reason that their customer retention rate is too high. There are hardly any consumers that you would see leaving out CenturyLink. They are not mentioned anywhere, so you never know what you will be getting. But it is always better to ask.

What to expect?

Upon contacting the support and asking about “Loyalty” Discounts, they will certainly come up with something that is interesting for you. They can lower your bill, get you some better package or even able to assist you with some discounts on the current package that you have upon renewal. Be mindful that these discounts will be applied on the pricing that you would normally get and is listed on the website, and not on the discounted price that you might have paid last year. So, before renewing on the website, it is better to ask them for Loyalty discounts.

All you need to do is give them a call and ask the support department if you can get a Loyalty discount on your package. They will certainly be able to come up with something that would capture your interest and you will not be able to resist the pricing. Some discounts that you might be able to get upon asking are:

Bundle Discounts

Bundle discounts are those that you can get on purchasing different bundles. They will offer you a better bundle for renewal that would save you more in the longer run. The prices you will get on these bundles will be a lot better than what you can see on the website and this might be the perfect thing for you to have if you are interested in keeping the service for a long time as you are satisfied with that.

Renewal Discounts

There are also some renewal discounts that you can get on the same package that you are currently subscribed to. The renewal discount will usually be significantly lower than the price you are already paying or is listed on the website and this will be a great deal for you.

Package upgrade

You might also be able to get a better package at the same price that your bundle is for, and this might be the best thing you can get if you can afford the same price, and are satisfied with their services.

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