How Can I Cancel Cox Cable And Keep The Internet? 5 Ways

can i cancel cox cable and keep internet
can i cancel cox cable and keep internet

Yes, you can cancel Cox Cable and still be able to avail of the internet services on your smart TV. Different customers make different choices when it comes to having Smart TV. Some are fine with their ongoing cable network services while some go for the cancellation of their existing cable services while sticking their internet services. It would be a piece of great news to all those Cox users who want to turn down their cabling services. In this article, we have pinpointed the best-working steps for you to cancel out Cox cable while keeping their internet services intact.

To get yourself away from the additional cable charges; canceling off your cable services is the best option for you. Factually, Cox would still be giving you their cable services as long as you have their equipment which is why you would need to properly talk this issue through your cable operator company Cox to cancel the cabling services. Doing so would require to start with a healthy and productive conversation.

How Do I Cancel My Cox Cable Services While Keeping the Internet?

By now, you must have a fair idea about how canceling Cox cable begins. Canceling cable services is fine since you already have the leverage to use these services with your internet. Without further ado, let’s give you complete details of how you do it.

  1. Contact Retention Department Of Cox Cables:

To begin with it, you would need to call the retention department and confirm them if they are associated with retention. If they refuse, then ask them to transfer your call to retention.

  1. Plot A Reasonable Excuse:

When you ask them to have the cable services cut, you would need to be prompt and highly reasonable. You just don’t go around asking for the service cancellation. Plot one understandable excuse, you select one; you are moving out, leaving the town, you are incapacitated, the discounts aren’t easily availed, your current area doesn’t cover the Cox cable services anymore, and so on. These are few reasonable excuses that your Cox cable operator would 10/10 buy.

  1. Stay Frank And Firm Throughout The Call:

Being reasonable would never work alone as long as you are not using a natural accent. Try to be as much as frank and frim along with your excuse.

  1. Tell Them To Return The Cox Cable Equipment:

Assist your Cox cable operators that you are all up to return them the cable equipment. Assure them that they will be in good condition. Now, gather all the Cox cable equipment carefully for the return.

  1. Call Back!

After gathering the entire Cox cable equipment, it is the time to remind them about your canceling plan. Do it by calling back your Cox cable operator.


It is impossible to cancel Cox cable services while keeping their internet. How? All you would need to do is contact them and talk proficiently. Before you go to contact them, take care of the above-mentioned points, they would help you a lot cutting off your cable services.

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