How To Remove CenturyLink Web Helper From Chrome?

remove centurylink web helper from chrome
remove centurylink web helper from chrome

With the increasing technologies, the chances of cybersecurity threats and issues are exponentially increasing. One common virus is, which can lead to different issues. So, if you want to remove the CenturyLink web helper from Chrome, we have designed this article. All the steps have been provided for effective performance, so let’s start!

Remove CenturyLink Web Helper From Chrome?

Removing From The Control Panel

With this method, you will need to uninstall the main program of from the computer and Chrome; we have outlined the steps for different Windows versions!

Windows 10

  • Select the settings from the start menu and hit on the “system.”
  • Navigate to “Apps & features.”
  • Select the program and hit the uninstall button

Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

  • First of all, you need to right-click on the bottom-left corner of the screen and move to the control panel from the menu
  • Move to “uninstall a program” from the programs list
  • Choose the program and hit the uninstall button

Windows 7

  • First of all, click on the Windows button and click on the control panel
  • Go to the programs menu and tap on “uninstall a program.”
  • A new message box will appear on the screen, and you need to click on “yes” to confirm the uninstallation
  • The uninstallation process will start, and once it complete, you will receive the completion status message

Resetting The Browser

For everyone who wants to remove from their browser, such as Chrome, we have outlined the essential steps to follow. Before you start following the steps, make sure that you are following the steps precisely, so have a look!

  • Open the Google Chrome and hit on the Customize button
  • Now, move on to the settings
  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings
  • In the advanced settings menu, keep scrolling to the bottom of the page and stop at “reset browser settings.”
  • Hit the “reset” button in the browser settings, and it will remove from the Chrome browser

The Virus Removers

So, you are suspecting the virus in your computer system; you can use the virus and malware removers, such as Mackeeper and Plumbytes. These apps will not only track down and delete computer infections. Once the is removed, your computer and browser will remain safe from the issue in the future. With the Plumbytes, you should use the deep system scan for cleaning up the malicious files!

Do You Have Virus?

If you aren’t sure if there is in your computer system or Chrome, you can make a decision according to the below-mentioned symptoms!

  • The computer performance will be slow because this virus sucks up the memory resources or CPU
  • You will see a lot of spam content on the screen whenever you open the Chrome
  • There will be an automated installation of malware, trojans, and spyware

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