Mediacom HBO GO Not Working: 7 Ways To Fix

mediacom hbo go not working
mediacom hbo go not working

HBO Go is a literal heaven for everyone who likes access to movies and TV shows that aren’t available anywhere else. People often use HBO Go with Mediacom for better access. On the contrary, Mediacom HBO Go not working is a common issue which is why we have got the troubleshooting methods for you!

Mediacom HBO GO Not Working

1) Restart

Restart should be your first option when you are trying to resolve the HBO Go issues. It doesn’t matter which device you are using HBO Go on, it must be restarted. In addition to this, restart the receiver or cable box by Mediacom and you will be able to access the HBO Go.

2) Internet Connection

When you’ve to use HBO Go, you will need to ensure a high-speed internet connection. For this reason, you must restart the router as it helps streamline the internet connection and signals. As a result, the internet signals will be high-speed and HBO Go will start working. It doesn’t matter if you are using the modem or router, you must restart or reboot them all.

3) App

In case you are using the HBO Go app but are unable to access it, look for the app update. That’s to say because app updates are usually designed to upscale the services and will streamline the connection. However, if you don’t install the app updates, it will adversely impact the connectivity and you will be unable to use the app.

4) Device

If you have already installed the app updates but HBO Go won’t work, there are chances that something is wrong with the device. First of all, try using HBO Go on some other device. For instance, if you are using HBO Go on TV, you could try using it on the smartphone. If it works on the smartphone, there is something wrong with the TV, so get it checked.

5) Credentials

While you are using HBO Go and are unable to access it, it’s a high chance that you are using incorrect credentials. The credentials include the username and password. So, it’s suggested for users to check that they have entered the correct login credentials. In case the login credentials aren’t right, you will be unable to access HBO Go and it will not work.

6) App Reinstall

While you are trying to make HBO Go work, you must ensure that the app is working properly. Keep in mind that uninstalling the app will make sure that all the data is deleted as well. Once you uninstall the app, wait for around five minutes and install it again after some time.

7) Router Location

Router location will play an influential role in optimizing the connection with HBO Go. To begin with, you must place the router at the central location and it will streamline the internet connection. In addition, make sure there are no hindrances around the router.

If nothing seems to work out the HBO Go issue with Mediacom, there are chances that HBO Go is down. You could try talking to the customer support of Mediacom and ask why the HBO Go won’t work.

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