4 Solutions For Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code AT&T

connection problem or invalid mmi code at&t
connection problem or invalid mmi code at&t

Proper communication has become essential for everyone, which is the prime reason people depend on AT&T because it is one of the best telecommunication networks out there. In particular, AT&T has various packages available to meet the communication needs of different users. However, just like other telecommunication networks, AT&T has also been receiving complaints from the users, and one of the common complaints is a connection problem or invalid MMI code. If you have the same problem, let’s see what it is all about!

Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code On AT&T

If your screen is showing the specific error code, it will be because the SIM card hasn’t been activated or there are other network problems that are causing the problem. So, in the section below, you will find various solutions that will help get rid of invalid MMI code errors and streamline the communication;

1. Activate The SIM Card

First of all, the primary reason behind the error code is the inactive SIM card, which means you have to activate the SIM card. For this purpose, you have to call AT&T customer support, and the customer support agent will be able to help you activate the SIM card. However, if you cannot call customer support, you could activate your SIM card online by opening the “www.att.com/activate” page. For online SIM card activation, you will need to enter the ICCID on the SIM card and the IMEI code of your device, and the SIM card will be activated.

2. Reboot

If your SIM card is already activated, but the error code won’t go away, you could turn to the most convenient troubleshooting method. In simpler words, you should reboot your smartphone, and there are chances that it will fix the error code if it is caused by a software glitch. This is because a reboot is known to resolve minor software glitches. While you are rebooting your smartphone, you must ensure that the smartphone is kept switched off for ten minutes at least.

Once you have already rebooted the smartphone, you should also reboot your SIM card. For this purpose, you only need to take out the SIM card from your smartphone, blow it into the SIM port, and insert the SIM card again. Also, it is better that you restart your smartphone after installing the SIM card.

3. Prefix Code

Another apt way of fixing the invalid MMI code is to modify the prefix code. For this purpose, you need to add a comma at the end of your prefix code. This is because this comma simply forces the smartphone to overlook, and errors and execute the calls.

4. Network Settings

As we are talking about the invalid MMI code, it could be because of some network settings issue. To resolve potential issues with the network, you have to open the settings and choose the network connection. From this tab, open the mobile networks, choose network operators, and choose the AT&T wireless provider. Keep in mind that you might have to connect again and again before the network starts working.

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